Find the best selection of carefully thought gift ideas for work from home moms fit for any occasion

Mothers are caretakers, the glue that holds the family together. They are like the supportive friends, or the teacher, chefs, the career women who’ve been there with us since the day we were born. These days, more moms have transitioned to the work from home setup because of the pandemic and you might be eyeing great gift ideas for work from home moms for their birthday, anniversary or Mother’s Day, perhaps. After all the things moms have sacrificed for her family, maybe it’s about time to get the most important woman in your life something she’d really love.

great gift ideas for work from home moms

While most of us go for the classics like flowers, chocolates, and a cake there are some who dig a little deeper gift ideas for work at home moms. Rather than giving their moms the usual bouquet or Mother Of  The Year card, there are some who select a present that honors their mom’s many roles. Times may have changed when it comes to working and mothers have now found themselves working from home while looking after their kids with one foot on the computer and the other on mothering duties all day long.

Working from home has truly become the new normal for most moms since the pandemic broke out and you might want to surprise her with something that’s creative that she would probably love. Depending on the situation, a lavish celebration is not possible at this time with the pandemic around. So, here is a list of some practical gift ideas for work from home moms that are handy references for mothers’ special day. 

Essential Oils for Relaxation

There are times when mothers barely find their time for self-care and essential oils are great gift ideas for work from home moms. Creating a little bit of heaven right at home is one way to care for the work at home mom’s soul.

How soothing it would have been when you switch on the diffuser with Stress Away or Peppermint during the afternoon or roll on some Lemon in the morning to get up and go. Diffusing favorite blends or certain oils will be a great help with focus and concentration to the work at home mom.

An Online Course or Book for Learning New Skills

Just as most moms love to read, many moms also have the inclination to write. They can be quite outspoken and could have been eyeing to write a book and share it to the world. In this case, why not buy her a course that would enable her to expand her horizon and share her writing gifts? She could be the next Danielle Steel or J.K. Rowling. Consider buying her an online course. Who knows, that will pave the way for her writing career. That could be the start of something new.

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Blue Light Blocking Computer Eye Glasses

For the mother who is always on her computer all day, a blue light blocking computer eye glasses is a perfect gift idea for work from home moms.  The blue light is a visible light that we see containing the spectrum of the rainbow from violet to red and any source of visible light produces blue light waves like the sun, or artificial sources such as a computer or tablet. Working online for long periods causes eye strain and computer eye glasses help a work at home mom fight off the problem. They block out the blue lights that can injure vision after some time by damaging the eye’s retina.

Password Keeper

These days with all the websites accessible to browse, it’s normal to forget passwords from time to time. That’s why you have to keep them all safe in a password keeper, and this is a wonderful gift idea for work at home moms. Similar to a planner, this is the most secure way to store and protect the mom’s various passwords. She will never have to worry about remembering them again.

Work from Home Noise Canceling Head Phones

If there is one thing that a mother endures too much within the house, it is noise. A pair of noise canceling head phones is a gift idea for work at home moms to help her mute down the disturbance since it is hard to concentrate when the kiddos are screaming in the other room. Headphones are great investments. Aside from blocking out all the noises, when mom works while in the coffee shop, they send the “please don’t disturb me” message to others.

Desk Lamp

One thing that can really improve the experience in remote work is good lighting. A new desk lamp is a great gift idea for work from home moms and is practically affordable. Besides that, a desk lamp can be handy if she often works late into the night. Having one at mom’s space in the room create a different light than the one she would associate with relaxing.

Home Office Mug Warmer

WAHMs (Work at home moms) are busy at work and more often their coffee which is their fuel, gets cold. There’s nothing more irritating for them than a coffee getting cold before she’s done with work. This is where a good home office mug warmer comes in, a thoughtful gift idea for work at home moms.  This warming device can keep her coffee at a temperature she desires as long as she likes. By simply setting the mug down on a warmer, she can choose the heat level she likes then let it do the work. A perfect gift for the tech savvy mom.

work from home mom

Ring Light

If she’s on social media or is creating videos online, a ring light is a must have and a perfect gift idea for work from home moms. And even if she’s looking for lighting with daily Zoom meetings, a ring light can really be of great help to look her best. It will really make her blush and it will also give her space a better professional appearance during work meetings. There are several different types and sizes to choose from and many can be clipped on the desk while some have a tripod.

Writing Desk Pad Protector

For busy moms who write a lot, a writing desk pad protector is a practical gift idea for work from home moms. It can take their daily work to the next level as the desk pads do not only keep everything more organized but they protect mom’s desk from ink stains as well as from scratches. Not only that, a desk pad protector makes for the ideal writing surface.

Make a Playlist

If she loves music, creating a playlist is another gift idea for work at home moms. Collect her favorite songs which she can rock out each time she wants to. Choose the songs that express how grateful you feel about your mom every single day of the year. From upbeat genre to jazz and soft mellow music, dedicate that playlist to the person who brought you into this world which is one of the several ways to show your love. It will also set the mood for a perfect celebration.

Bluetooth Speaker

It will take a while before a mom can go and watch her favorite singer at a concert because of the pandemic. Just like everyone else, she loves music. Having a Bluetooth speaker for a present is a beautiful gift idea for work from home moms that will give her a front-row listening experience. With this, she will be able to listen to her favorite playlist on the background while being busy on her blog. It is a productive and prolific way to soothe her day-to-day stress. And yes, we all need some music while we work.

Trying to choose the best gift idea for work at home moms can seem like an awesome chore as they have it all together. Sometimes they are like Wonder Woman. It seems like they have a lightning speed to get down to their online work while managing the dinner ready for the kids or assisting them in their module lessons.

Mothers are amazing to the extent that they’re willing to endure and sacrifice for their family. So finding the perfect gift idea for work at home moms goes a long way, you just don’t know how it will melt their hearts. It doesn’t have to be the biggest or most luxurious though. As long as those presents are meaningful and personalized to her own taste and lifestyle, it will make her feel loved and valued.

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