Raising children presents a unique new set of challenges, none of which come with a playbook or a paycheck. 

Parenthood is rewarding, but not always on a daily basis. The burden of caring for children and elderly parents often falls on mothers, and many leave their jobs, which stalls their careers and hits their retirement savings. They love their children, but women also want an independent sense of purpose beyond parenting, which often requires them to carry the heavier burden.

Since the pandemic, remote working has become a reality, enabling more workers to work from home for their employers and providing more job opportunities for stay-at-home moms and dads who seek a better work-life balance. Although we recognize that men may be the ones who opt to work from home, our focus here is on stay-at-home jobs for moms.

We put together a list of legitimate stay-at-home jobs for moms that should fit varying needs, flexibility, and lifestyles. These home-based jobs need little to no experience and can be done on a part-time or flexible basis. They suit both mothers that are keen to earn extra income for the household or military spouses who need to relocate with their families. These jobs also require a high-speed internet connection and will help to immerse workers more deeply in the digital economy and expand their computer skills

We have indicated average annual salaries or hourly rates for each role where possible. However, please take these numbers with a grain of salt as they differ by job description, experience, and location, and other factors. 

32 Stay At Home Jobs For Moms

1. Bookkeeper

Do you enjoy working with numbers? Bookkeepers manage business accounts, invoices, payroll, and other financial records. They use various math and computer programs like Excel, Quickbooks, and other accounting software. These jobs pay up to $20 per hour if you have sole responsibility and manage other people. Bookkeepers make $43,148 in annual salaries or $21.16 per hour.

2. Accountant

You may have been an accountant before becoming a mom. This profession can usually be done from home and after the pandemic, more and more accounting positions have become stay-at-home jobs. An accountant’s average annual salary is $53,784 or $24.06 per hour

3. Tax Preparer

You don’t have to be a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) to prepare taxes, but you probably want to be good with numbers. Tax preparation is usually seasonal, busy on the days leading up to the crunch time of April 15th, the traditional tax filing date. H&R Block will train you (for a fee) to work on taxes for them. Tax preparers can earn $48,936 annually, or $21.03 per hour. 

4. Coach

Coaching is any kind of service that supports someone towards a goal. Coaches can offer guidance in various areas: sports, finance, career, or life itself! For example, a life coach is responsible for assisting clients in achieving their personal and professional goals. This job includes working with clients to identify and overcome obstacles, set achievable goals, and maintain a positive outlook.

5. Data Entry Specialist

General transcription, data mining, and web research are online jobs that data entry specialists can do. To be competent in this career, you must be able to type fast, have a keen eye for detail, and be proficient in the use of most Office tools. Data entry specialists make $39,192 annually or $17.98 hourly. 

6. Medical Billing & Coding 

Medical billers and coders provide essential functions that keep our healthcare system running smoothly. Using codes, they categorize services provided to patients, from billing and recordkeeping to quality of care. This field accommodates work-from-home jobs, but those positions often require specific training and experience. They earn $35,258 annually or $19.33 hourly. 

7. Graphic Designers & Illustrators

A graphic designer combines images, words, and effects together to convey ideas to an audience in an impactful way. Both graphic designers and illustrators do design-type work. They should know colors, contrast, and balance.

On average, graphic designers make $59,120 annually or $21.90 hourly. Illustrators enhance writing, making images or visual representations in books and other media. They make $45,498 annually. 

8. Brand Ambassador

A brand ambassador can work from home, representing a company and its products or services to the public in various ways. The brand sponsor can help you craft marketing messages on social media, newsletters, and blogs, sharing your passion and experience with that specific brand. Brand ambassadors make $49,220 in average annual salaries or $21.09 per hour.

9. Social Media Manager

A social media manager maintains the social media accounts of individuals or businesses and develops strategies to increase followers, produce content, and review analytics. They build the presence of a company, organization, or individuals by engaging their audience through writing, research, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) knowledge. This job is excellent for organized stay-at-home moms. Social media managers earn $60,140 annually or $22.59 hourly.

10. SEO Specialist

SEO specialists are one of the most in-demand online professionals today. Companies understand that social media alone is insufficient for a thriving online business. 

SEO specialists test, analyze, and measure the quality of a website. The specialists make changes to the website to optimize it for search engines, helping the website rank higher in search results. SEO specialists make an average salary of $56,095, or $26.31 hourly.

11. Website or Application Tester

Website and application testers evaluate websites and software in detail. They report on the performance of websites and applications to ensure quality assurance for users.

You don’t need to be internet savvy either. Some web and app developers want a random user’s perspective. However, bad reviews, missing information, or technical problems may result in denied and unpaid reports. A website tester can command an average annual salary of $54,396, or $26 hourly.

12. Business or Management Consultant

Becoming a business or management consultant is an option for those who enjoy their job but prefer working from home and need flexibility, especially if you are a mom. You can continue to work for your current employer either part-time or with flexible hours or do it independently.

In this role, you leverage your prior knowledge to advise on business processes (i.e., business consultancy) or the people side of organizations (i.e., management consultancy) and develop training programs that deliver results.

According to Payscale, the average annual base salary, before bonuses, for full-time management consultants is $88,628 and $75,151 for business consultants.

13. Copywriting

Copywriting is a specialized form of persuasive writing used in marketing. It is directed at a person or group and aims to increase brand awareness and get the reader to take action of some kind. This skill is in high demand for creating engaging content that sells.

Besides having writing skills with strong attention to detail, copywriters rely on computer and technical skills to communicate in various digital media formats. You can become a copywriter working remotely with a computer and an internet connection. You don’t need formal academic qualifications. They make $53,538 annually on average, or $23.65 hourly.

14. Tutor Online

Do you have a passion for teaching and want added flexibility? Become a tutor online and share your knowledge with students. You can set flexible hours to work from home and tutor in your area of expertise, be it math, languages, reading, writing, the American College Test (ACT) or Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT), or graduate exams.

There are education requirements, with high school completion as the minimum. Typical hourly pay is around $30 or higher, depending on the subject. More challenging curriculums like math will have higher demand and pay. A few companies to consider working for: The Tutoring Company, Tutor.com, and TutorMe.

15. Teach Languages Online

There is a tremendous demand for teaching languages to children and adults online as professional teachers or community tutors across the globe. Requirements vary, but reliable technology is essential for remote work.

Knowledge of reading and writing in more than one language and a college diploma are a plus. Hourly pay ranges from $8-$30 per hour, with the higher amount associated with more excellent proficiency and experience. You can teach a language from anywhere. Companies like Verbling or VIPKid are looking for language expertise.

16. Sell Photos

Do you enjoy photography as a hobby? Why not take it to the next step and pursue what you love doing, whether portraits, family photography, travel, sports, nature, stock photographs, or candid photography? Sell your photos online or to individuals or respective companies that specialize in your area of expertise. Consider listing on Fine Art America or stock photo sites like Getty Images or Shutterstock.

17. Freelance Writing

Do you enjoy writing? If you write well, you may want to consider doing it on a freelance basis. Find a desirable niche that works for you. It takes time to develop your profile, writing skills, and voice.

There are many ways to land writing jobs online. It is easier if you have a professional blog to highlight your work. However, you can start by doing cold pitches and contacting editors online. When you’re new to freelance writing, check the job board for freelance writers, and ask if you can guest post.

18. Remote Customer Service Rep

The customer service representative is often the company’s face when the consumer needs help or has complaints that may escalate into queries and concerns. They are responsible for engaging customers on behalf of the company. However, you don’t have to work in the office. 

Duties include:

  • Answering questions on the phone or by email
  • Having expert knowledge about a product or service
  • Participating in meetings to provide feedback or learn new communication tactics

They may earn $17.23 per hour or $35,830 annually, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

19. Remote Retail Sales Rep

The transformation of the brick-and-mortar retail industry to online shopping provides a significant opportunity for stay-at-home moms. They can become retail sales reps who engage customers, make suggestive sales pitches, share product knowledge, and answer their questions. 

Depending on their retail experience, they can earn $13.13 per hour or $27,820 for the entry-level, or if they have more experience in their previous career, earnings can go up to $37,539, per Glassdoor. 

20. Make and Sell your DIY Crafts

Do you like making crafts? You can sell crafts like candles, jewelry, paper, clay, or knit remotely during your spare time. In recent years, selling your unique goods through Etsy or other companies to a seemingly boundless market has become much more manageable. They may charge per listing or transaction, and there may be payment processing fees. 

21. Participate In Focus Groups

Market researchers rely on consumers to participate in focus groups to retrieve invaluable opinions about new and existing products and services. You can participate one-to-one by phone or zoom in a small group that meets or online based on your convenience. 

Your compensation could be on an hourly basis ranging from $50-$150 per research session. Groups typically meet for an hour or two. Participation in specific studies can be a lucrative gig that pays $400 per hour for those with flexible schedules. Some recommended platforms include User Interviews, Respondent.io, and Probe Market Research.

22. Gardening 

Gardening has lots of benefits. Besides encouraging you to work on your garden outdoors, it can be moderate exercise, relieve stress, and be deeply fulfilling.

If you grow your own fruits and vegetables, you save money by not having to buy produce at the grocery and selling your plants, seeds, fresh and dried herbs, fruits, and vegetables from your home. Better yet, if you can grow enough produce, you can sell your surplus at local farmers’ markets and generate some secondary income.

23. Sell Your Music

Making music is relaxing, whether you are playing an instrument, writing a song, making your beats, or samples. Beats are short hooks composed of different sounds intended to play in the background for a musician.

Making money from creating music through songs or lyrics can be viable in several ways, such as licensing deals, selling music online, via a blog, and sites like StockMusicMusician, Audio Jungle, and Airbit. You can host your songs on Soundcloud, a free app, uploading up to three hours of audio for free. You can teach someone to play the piano, guitar, or any instrument in your home via Zoom or other video channels.

24. Calligraphy

Calligraphy is the art of beautiful writing and is a desirable activity that induces meditation, relaxation, and calming of your soul and body. It costs very little to start calligraphy. Just some ink, a brush, or a flexible dip pen.

Calligraphers can monetize their skills in many ways, such as selling handmade cards, teaching their skills, hosting workshops, making business signage, and selling framed inspirational quotes, books, or wedding invitations.

25. Baking

I come from a long line of bakers on both sides of the aisle. Aside from the occasional banana bread, I am not much of a baker myself. However, many people bake for fun at home and share their goods with others in their spare time. You can make bread, cookies, cupcakes, pies, or exotic cakes and sell these goodies from your home.

26. Start Your Own YouTube Channel

Are you a tech-savvy adult with the expertise you would like to share with others? It could be the accumulated knowledge from previous work experience, and you are enthusiastic about sharing it with others. This activity can be a terrific way to create something at home while spending time with your child. 

Consider starting a YouTube channel. Many bloggers and influencers have channels teaching on many topics. It can be fun and fulfilling to grow a following and potentially make an impressive income. The upfront video and audio equipment and accessories can be expensive so go slowly to ensure it’s something you want to do. 

27. Blogging

Blogging can be a desirable path if you want to work from home and enjoy writing. Having a niche you want to write about will help jumpstart your blog. Earning money from a blog takes longer than other areas suggested in this article. Some upfront costs include building and designing your website and hosting.

You can go at your own pace in building a following and traffic before you can earn money from ads, affiliated marketing, sponsored posts, selling courses, and other products. Think of blogging as a longer-term proposition to potentially make a living on a flexible schedule.

Are you already a blogger and want to level up your blog? Then, consider checking out the Money Mix Insiders Program and grow your blog into a real job! I joined the program in 2020 and gained significant benefits for our blog. Please let me know if you have any interest or questions about the program.

28. Virtual Assistant

Being a Virtual Assistant (VA) is another work-from-home job that suits moms with spare time. A VA assists business owners with various tasks. Your work can include scheduling, email management, content creation, advertising, graphic design, copyrighting, e-commerce, and managing social media accounts.

You’ll need good organizational skills and the ability to communicate clearly with clients to be successful. It would be best if you also were comfortable using different technology, such as video conferencing and project management software.

29. Transcriptionist

Transcribers convert audio and video recordings into written form, often used for subtitles or close captions. Transcription jobs are great for those who prefer to work remotely and can type efficiently without errors. The more niche your topic area (such as legal or medical), the more you get paid. Transcriptionists make $44,572 annually or $19.04 hourly, on average. 

30. Proofreading and Editing

Proofreaders should have sound knowledge of spelling, grammar, and punctuation, concentrating substantially on detail and making corrections. On the other hand, editors focus on clarity and concise written presentation. 

Individuals and businesses seek out proofreaders and editors who manage their time with potential deadlines. Although you can apply for either job, offering both services is a valuable package for higher pay. On average, proofreaders make $59,264 in annual salaries or $25 per hour, while editors make $46,579 or $21.46 hourly. 

31. Make and Sell Digital Products

Create and sell digital products from ebooks, apps, courses, puzzles, or printables at low cost. Once you complete these products, you can earn recurring revenue. You can sell your products through Amazon KDP or Etsy.

32. Sell Your Unwanted Things

By decluttering your home, you’ll have more room to use for your children’s things. Suppose your clothes, shoes, books, collectibles, furniture, games, electronic devices, and kitchenware are in good-to-excellent condition, and you are not using them. In that case, you can sell them to respective dealers and make some extra cash.

Final Thoughts

These home-based jobs for moms provide opportunities for those who want to achieve a better work-life balance, earn money, and expand their knowledge. 

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