Side Hustle Success: How to Make $500 Dollars a Day

Learn how to earn money everyday online to reach financial freedom

We’ve talked about side hustles to make two and three hundred dollars a day but this video is going to be for the big money.

I’ve got two more side hustle ideas that anyone can use to make over $500 dollars a day including one that builds on itself every single month. Not only will these two passive income hacks help you earn money everyday but you'll be able to start from home.

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How to Reach Financial Freedom with Your Side Hustle Ideas

I AM EXCITED for this video. We’ve covered four side hustle ideas in our three-video series, ways to make $200 and $300 dollars a day online but I’ve saved two of my favorite for this one. That survey of monthly income of community members a few months ago, it should that a third of our Let’s Talk Money community here on YouTube is living on less than two grand a month.

monthly income survey

I am 100% confidant that there is something in these three videos that will change that for every single one of you. One or two side hustle ideas you can use to make hundreds a day whether it’s just to make extra cash or to create that work from home dream and the financial future you deserve.

So I’m excited. This is LIFE CHANGING stuff here. If you haven’t seen those other two videos, check those out because I guarantee there will be something in this series that will make you money!

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How Long Does it Take to Make $500 a Day?

Making $500 a day…every day is equal to about $10,000 a month income. That’s more than 80% of households make so it’s probably not something you’re going to do overnight.

But it can be done and faster than you might think! For example, it took me just over four years to grow my online business to making $500 a day through the blogs, YouTube channel and other income sources. That’s four years working full-time building the business.

Blogging Income for 2020
Blogging Income for 2020

But that doesn’t mean it’s going to take you that long to create your own $500 daily income stream either.

With the two online business ideas I’ll show you next, you can reach the same level in less than a few years. I’ve seen online entrepreneurs build a six-figure business within two years but 36 months seems to be a little closer to the average.

How is it possible to grow a $500 daily income so much faster? There’s a lot more known about creating online businesses than when I started in 2014. You’ll also have the benefit of reading about mine and others’ mistakes rather than learn the hard way.

That’s going to mean you’re able to grow your own income stream faster.

Even if it does take longer though to build your online business. It’s not like that time spent is wasted either. By the time I reached the $500 a day mark in income, I had already made over $212,000 on the business…which isn’t a bad income over a few years starting from scratch!

How to Make $500 a Day with Local Blogs

make money everyday with a local blog

Our first side hustle to make $500 dollars a day is creating super-niche videos or blog posts around affiliates and local business.

We talked about a great affiliate strategy in our first video, how to make $200 dollars a day, and this one is going to be another easy way to make money with a video or blog post. In fact, you could actually use these two systems together to boost how much you make.

So we know that affiliate marketing is just going to a website like CJ affiliates to find a company you can promote. You’ll get a link you can put in a video or blog post, if someone clicks on that link and buys the company’s product, you get a commission. Now we saw in the first video how to use this to create an income stream of $2,700 a month with just one affiliate.

The problem with this income stream has always been, how do you get people to see your blog post? Most of your traffic as a blogger comes from Google so how do you rank on the first page of the search engine to get those 10,000 visitors we used in our example?

For example, if you were trying to make money off that tax preparation product. If we do a search on Google for Tax Prep Services, this is the first page we see. The first two results are advertisements so the companies paid to be in the top spots and for this keyword, these ads cost the companies $8.10 every time someone clicks on them. Scrolling past the ads, all you see are huge websites like PCMag, H&R Block and Walmart.

Anyone in blogging already sees the problem here. You will never outrank Walmart or H&R Block for this keyword. I revealed five SEO strategies to help increase your Google rankings in our build-a-blog series but I guarantee you, these companies have spent tens of thousands of dollars minimum to get these pages to rank where they are.

So we know that we need an affiliate strategy that gets around this, some way we can rank our blog post towards the top of Google to get those clicks that will make money. And the answer is in the super-niche.

This means going really specific with the keywords and products we’re targeting. Instead of trying to rank for that ‘Tax Prep Services’ let’s see what we find when we search for ‘Small Business Tax Services in Tampa’. That’s going to be a decidedly easier search to rank a blog post. We see a few local tax accountants, the site Thumbtack and the Google map but none of these pages will be particularly hard to outrank.

In fact, you could literally get your blog post to rank for this easier keyword in less than a week and start getting traffic. Now there are obviously fewer people searching for Small Business Tax Services Tampa than there are Tax Prep Services but what’s the use of writing on that big, broad idea if nobody sees it?

The idea here is to write a blog post about a super-specific topic that people are going to see, click on your affiliate link and make you money.

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How to Set Up a Local Blog

I’ll walk you through how to set this up, how to pick a keyword that’s going to be easy to rank on Google, and then show you how you can make money from this.

Your keyword idea is going to start with your affiliate or the local business you’re promoting. So let’s stick with that example, say we have a few links to tax filing products like TaxAct or TurboTax. Then you want to think about all the people, all the groups for which this product helps. For the tax software, that would be individuals and business owners.

You can go even more specific in each of these, for example different types of businesses so maybe bakeries or electronics or retail stores. Finally, like we did in the example, you can add locations on to the targeting as well.

What we’re doing is making a list of keywords we can target that are going to be so specific that there will be very little competition. The beauty of this technique is that you can actually write multiple blog posts, all pretty much about the same thing but written just a little bit different to target the separate keywords.

niche blogs to make money everyday

So you might write five articles with basically the same information but just different enough to be a new article. You’ll be able to write each of these up in less than an hour each and see instant blog traffic to each post.

There are actually two ways you can approach this to make money. You can go the affiliate route that we talked about, so creating that article or video and then using your affiliate link to make money. OR since your post is going to be very specific, usually to a specific location as well, you can also do this fee-based for local companies.

After maybe one or two of these for affiliates, you’ll be able to see from the Google Analytics data for your blog how many people are visiting your page and you can use a plugin like PrettyLink to see how many people click on your link.

For example, I did a video for the investing research site TipRanks that got 3,583 views and 362 people clicked to that site in the first two weeks alone. That’s more than 10% of the people that watched the video clicked through to learn more about the company.

That’s your sales pitch! You can now go to local companies, say I can help advertise your product and this is how many potential customers I can bring you. That kind of certainty is money in the bank and you’ll get hundreds of dollars upfront for each video or blog post you write.

Again, I want to point out that you shouldn’t accept just any company that will pay you to make a blog post. You don’t want to destroy your credibility or push away your community by promoting bad products. For example, I talked about TipRanks because I use the information they put out for research.

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Make 500 a Day with Freelance Copywriting or Social Media Management

If you’re young and have grown up actively using social media, then this job would come naturally to you and will allow you to earn some quick cash. A social media management job or copywrite job can be done remotely and does not require a ton of experience. All you really need is a laptop, phone or tablet, creativity, and a desk! Actually… I take it back; You don’t even need a desk! A bed or couch will do just fine!

It will of course also help if you can find a job that operates in a niche that you are already very familiar with. 

Both copywriting and social media management pay well, and with numerous clients, $500 a day is more than possible!

You can acquire copywriting gigs that pay anywhere from $100 – $300 per 2000-word blog post. If you’re writing just 2-3 blogs a day, you will have already met that $500 a day mark!

As for social media management, from what I have seen, freelancers will charge roughly $35 –  $55 per hour for their work. It tends to get pricier the more graphic design heavy the work is. If you have 2-3 clients for social media management work, you can easily be making $500+ every single day. 

Now I know what you’re probably thinking… Where do I find jobs like this!? The answer is Fiverr.s Fiverr is an online platform that connects freelancers to employers. The freelancer will set their rate and determine their services. Employers can then contact the freelancer to ask any questions they may have before sending over the payment.

Sign Up for Fiverr Today to Connect With Your Future Employer!

Make 500 a Day with a Membership Site

Our next side hustle idea, and I love this one for that recurring monthly income, is setting up membership sites.

make money everyday with a membership site

A membership site is just like a blog except people will pay you monthly for access to the content, forums and exclusive downloads. With so much free online, I know this one sounds hard to believe but I have friends that make thousands a month by charging for access to their website. In fact, I make just under a thousand a month on a small self-publishing site that costs $49 for membership.

The trick here isn’t that your information is any better than what’s already available. You’ve obviously got to provide some quality information through articles, checklists and tutorials but I’ve yet to see a membership site that had information that was truly unavailable anywhere else.

No, the value in a membership site is the personalized support and the idea of making it a social platform. People will join your site if they feel like it’s a customized experience for their needs and they’ll stay for months or even years if they feel a connection with the other members.

So let’s look first at how you set up a membership site and some ways to get members, then I’ll show you how to make it special so people will want to sign up.

Setting up your site is actually the easy part. You’ll have your main blog or website, and this is something we talked about in that build-a-blog series, but then you’ll get a plugin like MemberPress or MemberMouse that will add membership site features. So your blog will still be available to the public but then you’ll have a password-protected part that will only be available to members.

Within your members’ area, you’ll have a forum where everyone can talk and exchange information. You can post premium articles for people to read and downloadable content like handouts or checklists. Another great addition is a weekly or bi-weekly mastermind call where everyone meets virtually on Google Hangouts to exchange ideas.

Through your free blog is where you’ll get a lot of your members because people visiting your site will be able to see that there’s a restricted area. You can create a page advertising your membership site that you send these people when they click on one of the restricted areas of your member site.

Another way to get members is through an affiliate program, so the other side of the affiliate marketing strategies we’ve been talking about. Here you would sign up other bloggers or influencers to promote your membership site and they’d get a commission for every new member they send. You set this up easy through any of the member site plugins and you only pay when you get a new paying member to your website.

Like we talked about, getting people to join your membership site and stay is a matter of making it feel customized and social. This means creating as much interaction as possible in the member areas. So you’ve got the forum where members can ask and answer questions.

Another great idea is to have a mentor program where you and some of the senior members can guide new people. You can offer mentor members a discount for incentive on this. You can also add videos to your member area to give that face-to-face feel. It’s all to the point of making this a personal and social experience for members that will keep them coming back.

Most membership sites I’ve seen charge between $15 to $99 a month. For example, I charge $49 on my membership site but I’ve seen a few that get as much as $300 a month. The more expensive sites tend to have higher turnover, so people come and go more frequently, but then again you only need a couple of months at $99 to make more than you did all year at $15 a month.

One option is to have different pricing levels or start with a lower monthly fee but then offer add-ons like the bi-weekly mastermind call. This is a great way to bring in members at a lower price but still make more money with the add-ons.

The great part about this member site model is that the income is recurring. You’ll have some turnover of members but you’ll get into that groove where you’re picking up new members every month to make up for the ones that leave. That means consistent income every single month that can easily be in the thousands or tens of thousands of dollars.

how to earn money everyday online

Either of these business ideas can make $500 a day but like we’ve talked about with the other ideas, the beauty of these is that you can combine them to build your business. You can have a local affiliate site that feeds into a membership model along with other online ideas we’ve talked about.

Don’t miss those other four side hustle ideas including one way to hack Amazon deals and how I make over three thousand a month on YouTube alone. Used together, these work from home ideas will help you make money everyday and will build passive income for life.

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