You’ll love relating to people and sharing your story on a lifestyle blog

When Jerry Seinfeld first pitched his ‘show about nothing’ to NBC in 1988…there were a lot of blank stares in the room. Who wants to watch a show about nothing, essentially just follow the lives of four self-obsessed New Yorkers?

That show made Seinfeld a billionaire and several members of the cast reportedly made over a million per episode in the later years.

Now, you’re not Jerry Seinfeld…you’re not are you? Hi Mr. Seinfeld, can I get a loan? But I guarantee you, people will read a blog about your life!

We are social creatures. We like to share a connection with others and know that our problems aren’t so different. Even before COVID19 locked us away from each other, personal blogs and lifestyle channels on YouTube were getting tens of millions of views every month.

That said, nobody wants to hear about how many times you went to the bathroom today but there are plenty of other interesting things going on in anybody’s life to keep your blog busy for years.

  • Write about your experiences trying to find a partner or your relationship with your spouse…be careful with that last one!
  • Write about how frustrated you get with other people in different situations. Sometimes people just gotta rant and they’ll live through yours.
  • Write about the unfair things you see around your neighborhood or life in general.
  • Write about that contest you had with your friends to see how long each could go without mastur…wait, that one’s been done.

How to Start a Blog about Life

The actual process of starting a blog is surprisingly easy and we’ve covered it quite a few times so I’ll bullet-point the process below, linking to full articles for the detail, then cover some of the steps more specific to a lifestyle blog.

Some of that may sound like a foreign language but I promise, if I can do it…anyone can. In fact, I’ve got a special offer coming up. If you click through the link below and sign up through Blue Host, I’ll set up your blog absolutely free!

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That’s going to get you started with a personal blog but now I wanted to detail a few things that will help you get started faster.

  • Write out your ‘creation story’. You don’t need to be a super hero to have a great story. Sharing the big moments in your life that helped shape your beliefs will bring people closer to your blog. They’ll relate to you better and will come back to read every post.
  • What are you biggest challenges on a daily, monthly and yearly basis? These are your biggest fears, worries and frustrations. Sharing these in blog posts make you relatable. People love to see that their vulnerabilities are shared with others.
  • Who do you connect with most easily? Creating an image of the type of person or ‘personality type’ that you connect with will help you understand how to write blog posts to relate to your audience.

How to Get More People to My Lifestyle Blog

There are two ways most people find a blog, through a Google search or through social media. Sure your family might be your first visitors and you’ll get the occasional link from another blog, but by far most of your traffic is going to be from those two sources.

So how do you get more people from Google and Social Media?

You get traffic from Google through a strategy called search engine optimization (SEO). This is different ways you get people to link to your blog from other websites on the internet.

There’s an entire industry built around helping bloggers with SEO and getting links but you don’t really need to go that far. Concentrate on a few simple ideas to increase your search ranking on Google and you’ll see your blog grow beyond what you thought possible.

  • Find other lifestyle blogs and write a guest post
  • Research interesting data on your post topic and share the post with journalists that might be writing about the topic
  • Share your link on social media

Getting traffic to your personal blog from social media means…well, being on social media! This is more than just spamming your blog all over Facebook though. You have to actually BE SOCIAL!

  • Find a few Facebook groups where your target readers hang out and contribute to the group. Ask and answer questions, share ideas…just be a good group member. After a few weeks at least, if the opportunity comes up to answer a question with a link to a blog post you wrote about it, then link to your blog.
  • Share your personal moments! Instagram is becoming the go-to social platform for lifestyle bloggers but you can get traffic from anywhere. I would focus on the big three; Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Share something at least once a day to each platform and build a community.
  • Start a YouTube Channel about Your Life! Lifestyle channels are some of the most popular on YouTube because you connect so much more closely with people. They can see you and it’s almost like you’re talking directly to them. It’s a little more work but you’ll grow your community faster and make twice as much money (or more) when you combine your blog with a personal YouTube channel.

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How to Make Money Blogging

I’ll admit, it’s a little more difficult making money on a lifestyle blog than other types of blogs…but there are still lots of opportunities and some that can make even more money!

  • Merchandise! This is kind of a catch-all for any kind of clothing and household items, anything with your blog name printed on it. People read your blog because they relate to you and your brand.
  • Sponsorships are another big income stream for personal bloggers. You’ll start by getting free samples and other freebies to demo on your blog but can quickly move up to sponsored posts and videos.
  • Your own brand on a product! This is the Holy Grail of lifestyle blog income. Whether it’s a line of makeup, exercise clothes or equipment or just about anything, you can put your name on it and make money!

In some ways, a lifestyle blog can make MORE money than other types of blogs. On my investing blog, I’m pretty much confined to talking about investing products and platforms. On a personal blog though, you can talk about anything and everything that comes into your daily life. That opens the doors wide open to sponsorships and your own product line.

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Starting a lifestyle blog can be one of the most fulfilling and rewarding decisions you make. Not only can you make a lot of money on a personal blog but it also gives you an outlet to share your feelings, your rants and your dreams. It’s easier than you think to get started so don’t wait!

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