Udemy makes it easy to learn a new skill or just brush up on old skills and all at an unbelievable price

When my son asked me if I wanted to write a few articles for his blog, I thought it would be a great way to make a little extra money and share what I’ve learned in my frugal lifestyle. Writing about saving money and living frugal should be easy enough, right?

I put everything into my first article, nearly four hours of writing and editing and more writing. He sent it back with words crossed out, notes in the margin, and a lot of suggestion!

So it’s been a few years since I had to write anything for someone to read. I knew that I needed some help but I didn’t know where to look. I wasn’t going to be the 63 year-old sitting in the back of a community college class, so I needed something else.

That’s when I found Udemy and online learning

Udemy Review: Online Courses Anytime, Anywhere

Udemy is an online educational marketplace – think something like Ebay meets your local community college. Anyone can create a course and sell it on Udemy. Instructors record their course on video, powerpoint and through other files and then upload it onto the website.
After signing up for a course, you can watch it anytime and from anywhere on your computer. You get all the instruction materials and workbooks online. Courses are available in 80+ languages on just about every subject imaginable.

Best yet about Udemy online courses is that it is surprisingly inexpensive. Most courses are priced at hundreds of dollars, a little ridiculous in my opinion, but that’s only so it looks like you’re saving hundreds when the website runs a $15 special. These discounts happen so often that you can almost always find a course for $25 or less.

The writing course I chose helped me with a ton of techniques and exercises to improve my writing skills. The instructor definitely knew what she was talking about and I learned a lot over the three hours of video and workbook practice. I had the opportunity to interact with the instructor whenever I had a question. You can also chat with other students to exchange ideas and ask questions.

Every course goes through Udemy´s quality standards and is reviewed by the quality assurance team before it goes on the Internet. I can’t vouch for all the courses but it’s pretty easy to find quality courses on just about anything.

Each course has a promotional video and a preview so you can check it out before you buy. Instructors post a bio of their experience and other courses they’ve taught. Students leave reviews and rate the course/instructor so just browsing through reviews can usually give you an idea of quality.

The courses range from free to a few hundred dollars but Udemy is always offering discounts. I took my course when the site was offering $10 on any course with a special coupon code. At that price, even if I only picked up a few pointers I was still going to be out ahead.

Search Udemy Courses

In fact, I’m convinced Udemy online courses are one of the best deals you’ll find in adult education. In the courses I’ve seen, it was obvious the instructor had spent years learning and honing their skills. They pack all the best of this experience into three or four hours of video. Where else are you going to get that much for less than a night out on the town? Because they only have a few hours to fit in the course, instructors don’t ramble about pointless subjects like someone might in a traditional 9-week course.

Getting the best deal on Udemy online learning

Finding courses is pretty easy. After clicking through the Udemy link, you’ll see a menu on the left of categories from marketing to technology to just about anything. You can follow the menu items to browse courses or just search for one by keyword. With 30,000+ courses, there is bound to be something that interests you.

Get going towards your goal with over 10,000 online courses for $19

After you’ve found a few courses and checked their quality, note down the titles. It pays to be patient with Udemy courses. The course I took is normally $87 and would be worth every penny but that’s not frugal. Watch the website for a couple of weeks and you’ll likely find one of the courses offered on a free trial or at a steep discount.

Udemy courses can be some of the best money you’ll spend. Quality instructors spend hundreds of hours putting their course together and you can get years of experience for as little as $10 or $20 if you wait for discounts.

My writing has improved tremendously since I took the Udemy course and I’m looking to take a couple more courses just for fun. Check out Udemy and join 7,000,000+ students on the educational online marketplace. Frugal Grandma

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