Most of us have had our fair share of awful breakups. Some of them involve ghosting, breaking up over a text, and cheating while in a relationship. However, there are still other worse ways people have experienced; some that you won’t believe to be true! Here are 12 of the worst ways to break up with someone.

1. Making Out in Front of Your S/O

Cheating couple
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One user shared, “He started making out with another girl while we were at a party, all sitting on the same couch. That deflates the romance pretty quickly.”

Another person replied, “You’d be surprised how that common is in my social group. And it’s sad watching the sadness in the other person’s eyes while it happens, just for them to [tough] it up and act like it’s not big deal. Watching them put up with that just to appease their attachment trauma is painful to watch. I need new friends lol.”

Then the third added, “Eons ago. My bf and I went dancing. He put his credit card down to keep our tab open. I went to the bathroom. Came out. Couldn’t find him forever. Found him in a corner making out with some random. I went to the bar. Ordered everyone sitting at the bar a round of top shelf on his tab. And took a taxi home (before Uber). Still feels good man.”

2. His Mom Broke It Off

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Somebody shared, “I once had a guy’s mom break up with me for him. We were both in our mid 20’s. For the smart alecks, myself and my ex-bf were both in our twenties and dating. His mom was the one who told me he was breaking up with me. I wasn’t dating the mom.”

The second person replied, “Haha wow. I had an ex’s mom apologize to me after her son cheated on me (and dumped me the next morning). She was horribly embarrassed and very nice.”

3. Cheating on the Side

Open relationship
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One user said, “Start an open relationship without telling the other party.”

Somebody replied, “Lol, they might have other words for that.”

Then the third added, “I think that’s called ‘cheating.’”

4. “Can We Talk?”

Break up through text
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“Text them and ask, ‘can we talk?’ Type for twenty minutes. Finally, send the message, ‘I’m breaking up with you. Sorry.’ True story, found out later he probably cheated on me,” said one.

“You dodged a bullet,” the second person replied.

5. Break up During Intimacy

Couples discussing and talking to each other
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One person stated, “While with them, lean in, whisper in their ear ‘I think we should see other people.’”

6. Breaking Up in Public

Breaking up in public
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“At a party, and there was a game in which all the single people were supposed to line up for something, and couples the other side. A friend went in the single line, his GF said what? And then he said I’m single, so are you now. Very public and very hurtful. Thought he was a d—. Then he showed pictures he’d been sent of her the night before with some dude,” somebody shared.

7. Ghosting

Ghosting people
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“Ghost them,” said one.

“Yes this 100%. I was with a guy for a year and one day he stopped replying to my texts and calls. I thought he was dead. I didn’t want to be thar ‘crazy’ girlfriend and drive by his house but I felt so confused. He reached out to me 8 months later saying ‘hey whats up,’” replied another.

Finally, the third added, “I’m so sorry this happened to you. Your story is similar to mine. Dated a guy for a year and then he just quit talking to me. About a month went by when he texted again, but he had a new girlfriend, so I didn’t want anything to do with him.”

8. Left While You Were Away

Leaving someone with no explanation
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One person commented, “My ex-fiance was supposed to e–ort me to my friend’s wedding for which I was the MOH. We had a wedding date set, I had a 1/2 ct round diamond and a dress chosen. We rented a house off campus at college and were seniors. That Friday before the wedding, he suddenly came down with the flu. He couldn’t travel. I believed him and he acted loving and apologetic, etc. I went ahead and took the 3-hour trip. When I got back Sunday and walked in the house, everything, including furniture, was gone. My clothes and books were still there but everything else was GONE. I guess that meant he broke the engagement!”

The second person replied, “I had ex-wife do something similar when I was at work. Took her stuff and left. Never should have talked to her again.”

9. Emailing You While You’re Away

Breaking up through text
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“She texted me breaking up with me after going on a family trip,” somebody stated. 

“Reminds me of mine. He emailed me on my make a wish trip. Was then promptly told he cheated on me while I was on the make a wish trip. I’m sorry your (hopefully now) ex did this to you, but you definitely deserve better than that,” the second person replied.

10. Changing Their Facebook Status

Facebook status
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One person said, “A woman broke up with me by changing her Facebook status to single. In her defense, we had a fight over the phone that morning, but I didn’t think it was quite such a big deal. The nice thing about finding out that way was at least I didn’t have to deal with the sort of person who breaks up with by changing their Facebook status anymore.”

The second person replied, “A friend of mine found out she was getting a divorce this way.”

11. Telling You You’re Second Choice

Flirty guy
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“I had a guy be honest, which I appreciate now, but he straight up told me, ‘The girl I was talking to before you finally became single again, so I’m gonna shoot my shot with her again.’ Over a text message,” somebody shared.

12. Your Health Is Too Much Work

Cheating in a relationship
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One person said, “What my ex did to me. He told me to meet him in the Target parking lot. He jumped in my car and said, ‘I found someone else and I can’t be with a sick girl. It’s just too taxing. Hope you understand.’ Then got out and walked away. J**k. Three months later, I met who is now my husband of 14 years. The trash took itself out.”

Truly, most relationships end in an undesirable way. However, we’ve got to pick ourselves up and move on.

Do you have an awful breakup story that you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Reddit.

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