Upwork is the world’s supreme marketplace for online workers. And even if you are a beginner, as long as you have the patience to browse, there are a good deal of jobs on Upwork carved out for you. Once you have decided to give it a try, it is very crucial to start with small steps. Look for uncomplicated and straightforward tasks first which you can complete let’s say, in a day. By starting off with trivial jobs, it is also easier for clients to give you the break when the bets are modest for them.

And then you ask yourself, “what jobs can I work on Upwork?” Let me list some tasks that you can do on Upwork in no particular order. These are tasks that are doable even for novice aspirants.

Taking Blog Writing Jobs

A majority of businesses these days have blogs to saturate customers about their products and for the purpose of increasing their sales. And there are various blog posts to be done that require people to write for them.

Many blog writing jobs on Upwork are quite good for newbies. Clients pay a reasonable rate for basic posts on different services they offer. Sometimes these companies will give you an outline on the topic and all you need to do is to phrase them into a pleasing article.

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Doing Online Transcriptions

Online transcriptions are jobs on Upwork that involve listening to an audio file and converting it into a written document. This is a standard path to try for beginners, though it is not a high-paying gig, it is usually what people want to outsource.

If you are good at typing and  very keen on listening, then a transcription work is worth the try. Upwork is filled with job postings like this and many of its clients consider it beginner-friendly.

Data Entry Jobs

There are always data entry jobs on Upwork and are perfect exposures for you if you would like to build up in this niche once you have an experience. If you have great typing skills with a drive for accuracy, and the ability to work under competitive timeframes, data entry may be a solid career to deem. A job in data entry can hone your typing skills more and introduce you to more opportunities since employers across many sectors hire for these positions.

Data entry is a simple encoding task that requires good internet connection, a working environment and a strong work ethic. If you are new to Upwork, this job is made just for you. It’s remarkable that these positions are commonly available in an independent consultant structure, but they are also available as part-time, full-time or freelance positions.

Virtual Assistant Services

This is one of the most popular jobs on Upwork which require organizational skills and administrative services to clients and their businesses. The VA supports businesses and organizations from a remote location reached by internet. If you are internet pro and computer savvy with a good grip of the English language, then this is a great step to begin a job Upwork. Virtual assistants are in high demand by entrepreneurs and organizations that need help but don’t want to bring on full-time staff in a specific place.

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Having a Virtual Assistant helps entrepreneurs run their businesses remotely and with utmost flexibility. But every VA offers different services in different categories. Just think about what you are skilled at and have your offer personalized based on your skills. Specialize in a niche and offer your service to a certain type of business. By becoming an expert in your area of work, you will also get paid more per job for longer term. It will also give you more flexibility, more convenience, less hassle, less fixed costs, and the ability to scale up and adjust, depending on what the business needs.

Teaching English to Non-native Speakers

An ESL teacher is one who provides relevant lessons and support to students who are learning English as their second language. Teaching English to foreign students has been one of the jobs on Upwork offered online that is highly in demand. This niche helps students to read, write and communicate eloquently in English.

As an online teacher, you must be able to stick to the curriculum and explain the lesson effectively to your students. Although a degree in Education is preferred, a Bachelor of Arts degree is also considered for the post. After all, if you have that academic preparedness, mentality and passion to help people improve their lives through learning English then pursue it.

Telemarketing Services

You will be asked to sell products and services of your client over the phone via cold calls or leads. This is also one of the jobs on Upwork open for work-at-home tasks. The task involves answering questions or inquiries from your client’s customers regarding the services or products they offer.

A relevant work experience in sales or marketing and with a good command in English will be an edge for you. Since you will be required to listen to customers and speak convincingly with them, a training in business communication is also valuable.

Copywriting and Proofreading

You can do copy writing for companies right within the confines of your home. This involves writing a text for advertising or marketing the product of a business. If you have a degree in either of the following: Marketing, Advertising, Mass Communications or English, then start your career with copywriting jobs on Upwork. Copywriting is done through promoting or selling a brand, product, business, organization, or service. It’s a form of dynamic marketing.

Becoming a freelance copywriter can give you control over and responsibility for all of these things simultaneously. You may need some adjustments at first but if you persist, you will find yourself with definite control over your career and finances to a degree you never previously believed possible.

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Language and Translation Services

Do you have the knack of speaking or writing in another language? Then you can start earning with this skill by translating articles into another language. Translating tasks are some of the jobs on Upwork waiting for you. The gig involves more on writing and the work deals on translating scientific and technical materials or legal and financial documents.

Voice Over Gigs

Do you have a golden voice? If so, then start browsing for this type of gig, a job on Upwork where you can make around US$56-US$72 per hour. Voice acting is the art of voice-overs to represent a character. Sometimes it provides information to an audience. While this type of task does not require a formal education, a training in acting may give you an asset.

Upwork is an ideal freelancing site for you to take the plunge should you decide a work-at-home career. It has millions of online opportunities open and for sure you’ll land on one or two if you just persevere. While it may be hard for you to get your first client, once you are hired, it will open the door for more tasks to come in the future. Just be patient and don’t give up.

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