Learning To Invest: Why Didn’t I Do This Sooner Or Throwing Money Away?

There are so many reasons why you will be kicking yourself if you do not learn to invest right away. Your money could be working so much harder for you – if you will only invest it wisely.

Why learn to invest?

Investing is very profitable. If you want an illustration of how much more money you could have, had you invested it 5 years ago, bare in mind the general rule that you can double your investment every year or so. That means, if you invest £500 in year 1, by the end of year 3, you will have £1000. Reinvest that and in another year or two you will have £2000. Reinvest that, and in 5 years you will be nearing £4000. And, if you have invested more money to start off with, you could be sitting on £10, 000 or more. Even better: when you invest your money, you do not need to work hard at all. Just sit back and relax (or get on with your day job!) and let those investments get to work for you, multiplying as the years roll by. These facts alone are enough to motivate a rational person to invest their money right away.

The thrills of playing the market

If you want to be more involved, rather than investing a lump sum of money and letting it quietly mature, you can use an investment platform to watch the market and make investment decisions throughout the day. Shifting stocks around, seizing opportunities and making large amounts of money in the space of a short hour can all give you a great buzz.

Invest in big companies and feel part of something big

Anyone can purchase stocks in a big, profitable company such as Netflix or Tesla. And, when you do, you can feel part of something huge. Investing in a company that you believe in is a great idea, too, as it means that you can reflect your interests in the way in which you invest. It is perfectly possible to invest ethically, or only in companies that are meaningful for you. This is another reason why learning to invest for yourself is a great idea – it means that you have control over how your money is used.

Investing isn’t difficult

Many people are put off from investing because they worry that it will be too difficult for them to learn. However, this is not the case at all. Even top traders use specialised software to help them to understand the market and to make the best investment decisions. Since 2008, for instance, so called binary options trading software has enabled traders to boil down their investment decisions to a simple set of two options, with a clear indication as to which option will be safe or more profitable.  And, as these platforms and types of software are used by veteran investors and novices alike, you will not be at a disadvantage however much experience you have, and however much money you would like to invest. In addition, you can set the software up to make decisions automatically for you if you want to. That way, you can leave it running and then head off to work, and come home to see how much money has been made in your absence.

Don’t delay, invest today !

When investing, even an hour of downtime on a platform can spell six figure losses for some investors. That just goes to show how profitable investing can be. So, what are you waiting for? Learn to invest today and start making a lot of money.

Final investment advice

It is very easy to get started when investing. Simply choose an investment platform to use, and create an account. Spend a short while getting to grips with the software, then work out how much you can afford to invest and what you would like to invest it in. Then, you are ready to go.

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