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Your credit score can be one of the most important numbers you need to know. It determines what house you live in, how you pay for a purchase, and maybe even what job you have.

Having a bad credit score can disqualify you from certain jobs and we all know what it does to your chance of getting a loan. If you are offered financing, the loan comes with a higher interest rate that you might not be able to afford.

Insurance companies can also charge higher premiums to bad credit drivers and that’s just the start of how bad credit affects your life.

When I set out to increase my credit score, I was shut down by creditors because I didn’t have anything to offer them. I didn’t have any negotiating power to fix my score.

Credit repair companies like Lexington Law can help repair your credit sooner than you would do it by yourself. The professionals at Lexington Law can help negotiate with creditors to get bad marks off your credit report, boost your limits and get your score where you need it.

The service does come at a cost though so make sure you read through this Lexington Law review to decide if increasing your credit score fast is worth the fee.

Is Lexington Law a Scam?

If you have a bad credit score of 560 or below, you might feel desperate to repair your credit at any cost. Seeking help to repair your credit score is also a good idea when you don’t know where to start or don’t have the time to fix your credit report by yourself.

is lexington law a scamMany companies claim they can “fix” your score, but Lexington Law is one of the few legit companies. Here are a few critical facts about Lexington Law:

  • Opened in 1991
  • Physical offices in 20 states
  • Help clients in all 50 states
  • Corrected 9+ million negative items in 2016 alone!

The average Lexington Law client gets 10.2 items removed—a 25% reduction– from their credit report in four months.

Do you still think Lexington Law is a scam?

Lexington Law won’t engage in some of these shady practices that non-legit credit repair companies do. You can expect the following legitimate practices from Lexington Law:

  • Pay for work only after it’s been initiated (No advance payments)
  • Disclose your federal consumer protection rights
  • Never ask you to request a new taxpayer ID to reset your credit score (doing so is illegal)

Credit Repair Services with Lexington Law

Let’s get one thing straight before we continue, the only way to truly fix your credit score is to responsibly pay your bills on-time and live within your means. You need to change your financial habits to make these changes.

That’s the part you can do on your own.

The problem is that once a bad mark is on your credit report, it can take up to seven years to come off. That’s seven years that missed payment or other remark will be holding down your credit score.

You can try to talk directly to the creditor to get the bad mark off your report but you don’t have much negotiating power.

Lexington Law can help fix some of your past credit reporting errors that prevent you from having a better score. Credit report mistakes happen more than you might realize, up to one-in-five Americans has something on their report that shouldn’t be there.

Banks, bill collectors, and other businesses misreport credit events periodically. If you have a complex credit situation, the likelihood is even higher.

If you have missed payments or experienced a credit event like personal bankruptcy, wage garnishment, foreclosure, judgments, or charge-offs recently, there’s a possibility that your score is inaccurately low because of reporting errors.

The Lexington Law credit repair services will work to remove negative items for these reasons:

  • Inaccurate
  • Incomplete
  • Misleading
  • Untimely
  • Unverifiable

How Much Does Lexington Law Cost?

Lexington Law offers three different service levels depending on what you need done to fix your credit report and boost your score.

  • Concord Standard- $89.95 per month
  • Concord Premier- $109.95 per month
  • PremierPlus- $129.95 per month
How Much Does Lexington Law Cost
How Much Does Lexington Law Cost?

Assuming you’re like the average Lexington Law client and it takes a few months to remove your negative items, you can expect to pay between $270 and $390 for three months of service.

That might seem like a lot to pay to increase your credit score but consider the alternative.

A $10,000 peer loan at a 24% annual rate for 60-months will cost the bad credit borrower over $7,260 in interest alone. That same loan at a 14% rate after fixing your credit will cost just $3,960 over the same period.

Whether you do it yourself or fix your credit report through Lexington Law, a higher credit score is worth thousands of dollars.

Get started with a free consultation from Lexington Law

Concord Standard

If you have a simple credit situation, the basic Concord Standard plan will employ the Lexington Law team to review and dispute creditor errors with the three reporting agencies. This can be a good option if you are on a tight budget or only want to have your past errors fixed and do not need the additional monitoring or coaching services.

Concord Premier

Concord Premier monitors your credit score in real-time for score improvements, dips, and any new credit inquiries that temporarily penalize your score. If you want the extra peace of mind, Lexington Law will review your score monthly to advise you on what you’re doing right and areas that can be improved. If you know absolutely nothing about credit, this middle-of-the-road option can be a wise investment.


According to Lexington Law, the PremierPlus service level is the most popular option. You get full access to the Lexington Law team and can be best for the most aggressive cases when you need to send Cease and Desist letters to your creditors. Identity theft victims can also benefit from the 24/7 identity protection services that can freeze your credit when questionable activity appears.

Regardless of which plan you choose, each Lexington Law client begins the credit repair process with a free phone consultation. This call can help you decide if Lexington Law can help repair your credit. If so, you won’t be billed until after the first or second week of using Lexington Law and they have begun working on your report.

Is Lexington Law Worth It?

Lexington Law can be worth the cost if you don’t have the time, energy, or knowledge to fix your credit report yourself. The Lexington Law team has been doing it for almost 30 years.

The other option is to repair your credit yourself. You can avoid credit score disaster by accessing your credit report for free once a year. If you have any reporting errors, you can file a dispute with each credit bureau (Equifax, Experian, TransUnion) for free. It will take a few months and you’re not guaranteed to get a higher score or get bad marks off your credit report but it’s the cheaper option.

Get your free initial consultation with Lexington Law

Even if you don’t feel comfortable fixing your credit report errors yourself, you can always start with a lesser-priced Concord plan and upgrade to a higher service level if you need more support from Lexington Law. Don’t let the price scare you away. If you are planning on getting a mortgage or any other type of loan, a higher credit score will save you thousands in interest. That means a quick review of Lexington Law and one of their professional services is well worth the price.

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