Make Money Reselling Logos on Freelance Forums

Make extra cash by reselling logos! Here are useful tips to get you going.

At a time when everyone out there is looking to make money online, there seems to be a dearth of long term vision that seldom finds its way. As such, a business like reselling logos is already being looked at highly profitable choice to consider.

No matter who you are; a design company or an individual, signing up for a logo reseller program is always befitting as one can cater to every customer with the same level of priority and attention towards delivering stellar output.

With online logo maker sites offering easy to design logos that bear a professional touch, it’s a broader story ahead. Read on to find out how.

reselling logos

What is reselling and how it works

From cosmetics to apps across play store, reselling is one such domain that is making steady progress; opening up endless avenues to earn revenue. Simply put, reseller business owners are those who buy directly from manufacturers, wholesaler or a vendor at a much lower cost than market.

Soon after, the product is further sold at a higher rate, through both online and offline channels. Now, many companies require you to maintain an inventory for the products you deal in; others can ship products directly to the end customer with the reseller in between as an intermediary. Thus, such a profitable model is fast catching up with wanna-be solopreneuers who are looking to kick-start their business from the comfort of their home.

While some businesses focus exclusively on reselling as their chief earning stream, the business model is practically limitless. Others, they prefer supplementing existing products and their revenue stream by resorting to becoming affiliate channel partners of the same manufacturer, which is a common approach for any small business that runs of technology.

Some resellers prefer doing reselling through their own web site while others move to direct selling across B2B and B2C channels. For instance, some would buy stuff from eBay and sell it across other platforms.

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Why You Should Give Reselling Logos a GO

A smart juxtaposition of letters and visual imagery – That is all it takes to craft a logo. Easier said than done, creating a logo has a far-reaching impact on the image of a business than one can possibly imagine. It is the sole identity of your business before the whole world. It makes you who you are for people to recognize your brand at a glance.

That being said, logos also carry a powerful association with consumer memory. Take Mc Donald’s, for instance. The golden arches of the multi-chain restaurant logo charts itself high on the popular meter; all so much that one doesn’t have to read the text beneath it. The symbol itself is recognizable for people to identify it as Mc Donald’s. 

If you are looking to make money with logo designs and currently do not have such an offering, a white label logo reseller program is something worth checking out. As the name drops a hint, white-label refers to branding a product which is sold to you for further reselling under your company name.

All you need to do is to buy the logo at a wholesale price in the very same manner as you would go forward buying other stuff from a wholesale vendor. Next, you need to add your own profit margin and resell it further. The best part of being a reseller is that you don’t owe anyone any credit for the job done and still be able to keep your customers and clients happy.

How to Get Going Creating and Reselling Logos

When it comes to designing logos, one can depend on a professional designer to help him out. For others, who can’t afford to hire one, logo maker builder websites are the best option available. They do not require you to have any designing knowledge whatsoever. Just a simple bunch of instructions to follow; choose your fonts and colours and Voila! You have a neat logo ready under 10 minutes and for as little as $20. And you can turn around and sell those logo for $40 or more.

And that’s not all, while you might grow sceptical of using a DIY tool to design a logo; a logo maker site offers you a plethora of options for variations of logo size to match the requirements of your customer.

make money reselling logos

Bygone are the days when one had to build their site in order to sell their products. Today, the internet is a storehouse of fascinating destinations that can save both your time and money. Besides, they have a wider reach in the market that opens up multiple windows of opportunity to sell your creations. Here are a few handpicked sites where you can sell your logo and start earning right away!

Creative Market

A hit among many designers, Creative Market, is one such brilliant offering to showcase your creations. Not only logos but also fonts, images and 3D stuff-Creative market attract close to 5 million members on an average. The best part; there is no exclusivity. You are free to sell at your desired price and earn up to 70 percent on each item sold.

Art Web

Art Web is another great platform that sells artworks to global buyers. It’s a rich community of artists and creative professionals who share and sell their work via its intuitive platform. One can operate via this site on a no-commission basis when signing up for a premium plan. Also, there is a free plan that allows only up to 15 designs to be uploaded.

Artist Shops

The site offers each artist a customizable storefront that also comes with easy hosting and check-out options as well. One can choose various products where you sell your design, and there are no limitations on the order size.

Reselling logos allows designers to join forces and pool resources so you may sell more products than you would if you were doing things on your own. Additionally, you don’t have to deal with the extra hassle of processing each transaction.

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The ultimate benefit to selling on freelance forums is that all future updates or changes are handled by the original owner. While this may not be important for logos that don’t change often, it is definitely beneficial especially if your client requests revisions frequently.

What About Design Theft?

How does one go about protecting their work while reselling? There are actually a lot of ways to prevent theft nowadays; you can use watermarks, trademark notices, and digital signatures in order to protect your designs while they’re being sold online. However, there’s nothing like good old-fashioned trust (and having ethics) when dealing with clients who purchase these designs through freelance forums. After all, the clients don’t know who’s behind the logo designs, so they should be able to trust that you’re not going to steal their logo and run away with it.

Can I Make Stable Money Out of This?

Sure, if you want to; but really, your revenue will depend on how much time you’re willing to invest and how hardworking you are. If you’re skilled enough, then there’s no stopping you from earning as much as possible since there is an unlimited number of people who need logos for their businesses.

Ultimately though, it all boils down to how valuable your time is. If you value your time at around $2-10k per week, then consider yourself lucky when your sell a logo for exactly that amount. If you feel that this time is way too long, then set a more realistic price for your services. On the other hand, if you’re willing to spend a little time every day on these forums and you don’t mind earning a few hundred dollars per week, then this venture is definitely worth it.

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