School can be a place of growth and learning, but for many students, certain subjects can feel like a burden. From the complexities of Math and Calculus to the seemingly dry topics of History and Literature, there are a range of subjects that students often dread. In this article, we take a closer look at some of the most universally hated school subjects, examining what makes them so challenging and why they're often disliked by students. Whether you're a student yourself or just looking to understand the perspectives of those who are, this article provides insight into the struggles and frustrations of the modern-day student.

1. Math

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There's no denying that Math is one of the most hated subjects in the world. While math is logical and follows distinct rules, people tend to hate it because of the intense and complex calculations, notes, and often lack of really good explanation by the teachers.

2. Physical Education

This is by far one of the most hated, especially for out of shape students. It's hard to exercise, stretch, run, jump and play other sports when you're out of shape, and regardless of how fit you are, it's always harder to exercise than it is to chill with some video games

3. History

When you hear history, what comes to mind is usually boredom! Many students wonder why they should have to learn about what a bunch of old people did in the past. That's what students think of when they hear “History Class”, and to some extent they're right it can be a total bore, if it's taught as a list of facts to memorize for a test. Perhaps more than other subjects, having an interesting teacher can make or break your history class.

4. Literature

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Literature is by far one of the most subjective topics in school, because there are fewer hard-and-fast rules, as there are in science, math, and history. Also, because you would have to read and understand the full book for each of the exams, homework can be lengthy and challenging. The questions are deep, and students need to read between the lines before attempting to answer the questions. Some students love literature, but for those who don't, it can turn into a big challenge really quickly.

5. Philosophy

Philosophy is by far one of the most challenging and boring at the same time, because it just asks questions, raises questions, and can be so confusing, all at once. Philosophy has even fewer rules than literature, and is intended to leave students with more questions than answers. While it can be really interesting and pushes students to think well, philosophy is not a favorite subject. 

6. Psychology

This can be similar to philosophy but it deals with studying and understanding mental processes, which could be often referred to as a science, but it's a very complicated one that depends a great deal on knowing the ins and outs of human nature. Psychology is more of a science of thinking, but even though so many students can't quite wrap their heads around it, psychology has great benefits to society. 

7. Chemistry

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Chemistry a major science subject with a lot of twists and turns which can be quite difficult to understand, especially if you don't have a great teacher. Chemistry is one of the sciences that involves a lot of math, so it's a double whammy; if you hate math, you might not like chemistry. The bottom line of this subject basically becomes self-study which can be quite difficult for some students.

8. Calculus

Hailed as the most hated subject by college students, advanced math and calculations leave many students confused. There's a lot of material to calculus, and professors have to move quickly, so anyone who doesn't already have a good grasp of the subject, or doesn't keep up on their homework can easily get confused and left behind by the rest of the class.

9. Social Studies

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Social studies is a subject very similar to history, but it studies the way that laws, social responsibilities, and culture all play into each other. Social Studies deals with man and his environment, so it has a lot of both history and the ways that people interact with the world around them; almost like a combination of history and psychology. If you struggled with one or both of those subjects, then social studies might be challenging for you.

To wrap things up, the most hated school subjects vary from student to student, but there are some that seem to be universally disliked. Whether it's the subjective nature of literature or the confusing theories in philosophy, these subjects can make the learning experience a challenge for many students. But for all the students out there who are struggling with their least favorite subject, remember that perseverance and a growth mindset can help you overcome any obstacle.

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