If you’ve ever felt like success was just outside your reach, if you’ve every had a great idea but then couldn’t find the motivation to make it happen,

I’m revealing the motivational secret that has changed my life. In fact, by the end of the video, you’ll have a free poster you can use to motivate yourself every single day.

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Why Motivation is Worth More than Ideas

Nation, we’ve got lots of ideas here on the channel. From how to invest and ways to make extra money or start a business. But none of these are worth squat without the motivation to see it through.

And that’s enough to keep the majority of people stuck in a rut their entire lives, working a job they hate, frustrated and just feeling like shit because you know there’s more out there for you. That success is just within your reach.

Helping you get motivated and stay motivated is something I’m trying to do more of on the channel and this video is going to be a big one. I created this poster to help motivate me and it has made all the difference…and now I’m going to let you have it absolutely free.

How I Found the Motivation to Succeed

I know exactly how it is. I got out of the Marines in 2001 and didn’t get out of college until twenty-seven. I hated some of the first jobs I had, overworked and underpaid, and had absolutely no direction.

I was well over 30 and seeing all these success stories of millionaires in their 20s, it’s easy to feel like life has already passed you by. You just add, I’m too old, to a long list of excuses.

What I did, to prove to myself that it wasn’t too late, that age is just a number, I put together this poster and have it above my desk. You don’t see it in the videos but that poster has been my kick in the ass motivation for a long time!

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How Old Were These Millionaires When they Got Rich?

I researched 23 millionaires and billionaires to see when they made their first millions and how they did it. Then I put them all here on a timeline from the youngest age when they got rich to the oldest.

You’ve got the whiz kids and genius billionaires here like the Zuck and Richard Branson. I made sure to get Nike founder Phil Knight in here, he’s got a great autobiography about building Nike called Shoe Dog, I highly recommend it.

Surprisingly a lot on the list aren’t just millionaires but billionaires, so there’s Elon Musk and here Oprah has an amazing story but didn’t become a millionaire until she was 32 years old.

Two of my favorites here, Jeff Bezos and Jay Z, and I love that these two are next to each other on the timeline because it shows there’s more than one way to make it. You’ve got a tech billionaire and that more traditional media billionaire.

We’ve got some international names with Jack Ma and Masayoshi Son and then a familiar face. I was on my way to that seven-figures and got totally destroyed with the real estate bubble. But then I was able to build it all back and it shows that not only are you never too old but don’t be afraid to make mistakes because you’ll learn from those failures. As long as you have the motivation and a few ideas, nothing is going to stop you!

Now we’re getting into the old timers like Sam Walton and people that didn’t make their millions until well into their 50s and beyond. This is where the real motivation comes from. Some of these names are eternal icons, remembered forever and they made their mark much later in life. Ray Kroc, and I put quotation marks around “Founder” of McDonalds here because if you’ve seen the movie or know the real story, he didn’t really found the company so much as steal it but still definitely a genius businessman.

Of course the one everyone points to as proof that it’s never too late to start, old Harland ‘Colonel’ Sanders went bust so many times but never gave up and we’re all glad he didn’t.

 It’s not just about age but about all the excuses and self-doubt we have to fight to reach that successful life. You’re not too old. You do have enough time. Don’t let excuses like age or education or the side of the tracks you were born on keep you from creating that financial future you deserve!

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