Do you ever wish you knew the secrets to attract wealth because your 9 to 5 isn’t paying the bills very well? You’re not alone! Today, we’ll talk about the 11 secret life hacks that rich people are doing to make gaining wealth easier.

We’ve compiled the best answers from Reddit, so you don’t have to do it yourself. Read this blog and shift your mindset with these lessons from the wealthy.

1. Organize Everything

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If you’re familiar with Marie Kondo, she specifically emphasizes that organizing and decluttering will have a huge impact our lives. It turns out that’s one of the life hacks of truly rich people.

One person said, “Allow me to ramble passionately about a hack of small consequence. Something I noticed about all the rich people’s houses is they have storage containers everywhere. The pantry isn’t piles of groceries shoved inside, it’s all in tidy bins, often matching, sometimes labeled. Their closets have shelves and drawers, not a single pole to hang items. Under their sinks are multiple bins and containers, sometimes on a pullout shelf/drawer. Their spices are ALL on racks, not just the few that fit in a singular rack with the rest piled on top or haphazardly in an adjacent cabinet.

“Their jewelry is organized like a utensil drawer and not shoved in a single box. There are trays or giant bowls by every entry door to toss your mail and keys instead of cluttering every flat surface. Imagine how much calmer your brain would be if you didn’t have to hunt through what feels like a disorganized garage sale everywhere you turn. You don’t have to bend over to rife through objects, you can bring a bin to you.

“I’m just a povvo, but I started ramping up my organizational game and it’s made a subtle but impactful difference in my daily life. Started with matching-sized Amazon boxes in the pantry and Dollar Tree fabric collapsible boxes for toiletries under the sinks and the closet floors, and built up from there. I’ve been slowly converting all my bathroom and kitchen shelves to pull-out drawers (this one is expensive).”

2. Buying In Bulk

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This life hack may not be applicable to every body because, in order to save a lot of money on purchases, particularly groceries, you must have the money to shell out first.

One user shared, “Rich people can afford to save money on purchases if they want. I guess if you are rich and don’t care about saving $ it doesn’t apply to you, but it’s definitely a big benefit if you’re a frugal rich person. If that makes sense. A small tiny example. Most would categorize me as wealthy. I buy high-end groceries but aim to do it for as cheap as possible. When our Whole Foods has a sale on our favorite frozen pizzas, normally $12.99 and on sale for $7.99, I buy 10 of them and load up my deep freezer. The fact that I was able to save $50 is only possible because 1) I have enough money to shell out $80 for the upfront cost on the pizzas, and 2) I have a deep freezer to store it in. Neither of those things would be possible without money.”

3. Semi-permanent Cosmetics

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Beauty, in whatever form, is expensive—and only the rich don’t think twice about spending such a huge amount on beautifying themselves or their surroundings.

“…I think a lot of beauty at that level is faked, just like the lawns are faked. Spray tans, teeth caps, really expensive hair extensions and plugs, professional makeup, tailoring, even surgery, etc. etc. I was shocked when I learned about caps for teeth. I didn’t even know that was a thing. Feels like a total cheat code. Can even avoid the expense and discomfort of braces. There are a lot of beauty ‘hacks’ that are not accessible unless you have $$$,” someone shared.

4. Hacking Expensive Purchases

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One person commented, “I’ve worked for a rich family and learned a couple of hacks. Everyone else is correct. They just hire things out. If you’re genuinely curious, then I’ll share two things I learned in my job that are specific to the wealthy lifestyle. First, moths love real cashmere so you have to keep cedar in your closets to keep them away from eating your sweaters. Second, if you are flying private and only medium-wealthy and not truly a fan of throwing money down the drain unnecessarily, it is actually more affordable to ship your luggage via UPS than pay for the additional fuel it will take to carry it in the plane with you.”

Another one shared, “I knew a lady who was, let’s just say she was in a different tax bracket. She and her late husband never took a road trip. They flew everywhere. He was a pilot, and they owned their own plane. They would fly somewhere, and if she ran out of clean clothes, she would just buy more. She’d ship her dirty clothes back home, and the maid would have everything dry-cleaned by the time the lady got back. I can’t imagine how many clothes this lady had. Or maybe she donated them on a regular basis?”

5. Networking

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We’re familiar with networking, but it really is one of the life hacks that truly rich people are doing. They leverage the people they know who are also rich and powerful, and that’s what makes them too.

One person shared, “Networking. Powerful people have a large network of connections to get what they want. If you aren’t going out of your way to build ties with people who have things you want like wealth or power, the alternative is working very hard and hoping you get noticed—which doesn’t work most of the time because, unfortunately, the meritocracy is a lie. Learn to meet people and maintain professional connections, not just friendships. And no modesty, that’s a killer.”

The second person replied, “The best network—Politicians, Thieves, Police, Money Laundering—Mafia. Exist all around.”

6. Know What’s Worth Your Time

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“When you are good at what you do to make money, you hire pros to do things that you need and get them properly done. That’s classic economics of the division of labor. You focus on what you do well and make more money. That’s the opposite of a downward spiral. The concrete example is that I unblock my toilets and fix leaks. I also change my engine oil because it’s cheaper for me to do it. If my pay rate is higher than the pros, if course I’ll hire someone. That saves me money,” one person said.

“Sure… but I kind of hate how many people try to apply this to a typical salary worker. No one is gonna pay me to work overtime on a Saturday at my hourly rate (and I don’t want to), and it’s easier to work on a house project for a few hours than find a 2nd job. Many people point to your example, but they either don’t have time for projects cause they work 60 hours a week or prefer to use their disposable income and do something else with their free time. They are not financial wizards, they just make other choices based on circumstances, and that is fine,” argued another commenter. 

Another user added, “Yeah, not every minute of my day is monetize-able. Someone once said Bill Gates is so rich that he loses money if he stops to pick up a penny in the street. No, he doesn’t. He didn’t cease to earn money for doing it. Rich people hire others to change their oil because it gives them back time for leisure.”

7. Buy Quality the First Time

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One person said, “I was taught to always buy the best of anything I can the first time so I don’t waste my time, money, or efforts on junk. That bled over into everything. Relationships. Experiences. It becomes a mindset and lifestyle. I think that’s what you’re seeing when you look at that neighborhood.”

Another one replied, “This right here. If you want to buy a new piece of furniture, TV, car, etc… Buy nice things and buy quality. It’ll last for years and years. Also, pay cash. Don’t bother financing it. That’s just more wasted money.”

Another user quipped, “Buy once, cry once.”

8. Weigh Your Options

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“Not really a hack, but spending dollars so they count. If there’s a gym that’s $50 a month but is 20 mins away and they’ll only go once a week, and there’s one 2 mins away that’s $200, but they’ll go every day, spend the extra money. The $50 option is a waste. This can be applied in many circumstances,” one person shared.

9. Elegant Appearance

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One person shared their experience while working with truly rich people, “A few things I’ve noticed when working for wealthy people. They look rich even in casual clothes because they get everything tailored, even simple white shirts and jeans, so they look expensive even when they aren’t.

“A lot of accessories like shoes, bags, and jewelry are custom made, which can be a better option if you’re going to spend a lot on designer brands anyway, and they will be unique. They don’t just go to the gym; they have a personal trainer who focuses on that toned without being too muscular look, so they look naturally hot without trying.

“Getting blow dry right before an event makes you look polished. I worked for a woman who never washed her own hair, and she always looked amazing. I saw people spend a lot of money on wardrobe staples like jackets and classics, but they would only buy high street seasonal pieces to keep them in style.

“They sell designer pieces to concession stores after wearing them a few times and basically get 50-80% of the cost back, depending on the designer. Having lunch at a Michelin-star restaurant can be slightly more affordable than dinner, but you still get the experience. Having drinks at the restaurant bar so you can be ‘seen’ and mingle but don’t have to buy dinner. Going to clubs and events on weekdays means you are more likely to get in, get a table/ticket, and it can be less expensive.”

10. Excellent “Talkers”

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One person shared, “When I was doing my first startup, I saw ‘new money’ people. In school, I saw ‘old money’ people. There are all types of rich people, and these types have their own ways. They do live in the same areas, though. They recognize each other by their watch, type of clothes, and behavior. And you can see if they are new rich, old rich, dem or rep by these things too. Their kids go to an endless amount of extracurricular activities. Here it is hockey and tennis, and sometimes baseball. The parents do it so their kids build their network (I mean 5-year-olds).

“Rich people have some skills, but the main skill is talking. They are great at talking. It used to put me off. So and so became the director of yadayada. Why? The only thing he can do is talk. And that is precisely the point. They don’t get so stressed. They just talk for a living. Everything comes from their network. People like listening to their stories. But they cannot do anything of value other than talking. They hire people for that. Duh. Don’t be apologetic. Don’t do stuff worth 10$ an hour if you can make more. Do lots of self-care. And be a professional talker. Listen to people, look at their behavior and clothing, and copy that in your own way.”

Someone added, “I agree with this comment but will extend it further. You call it ‘just talking’ to anyone who will listen, but what they really are doing is ‘selling.’ They are selling their latest ideas, pitches, schemes, problems, solutions, whatever, etc. And their audience (other rich people) loves to talk too, so the audience then adds on to those ideas, sometimes with money or introductions to other people with money. And it snowballs because of the network effect.”

11. Etiquette and Mannerisms

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“You have a lot of time for personal maintenance and improvement if you don’t have to worry about cooking dinner or doing laundry. Some things, like good etiquette, are made very important from a very young age (hence the napkin folding, knowing what course to use which fork, how to properly address folks in a formal setting, etc.). It’s a social code that helps identify who is and who isn’t,” one person stated.

Another one added in agreement, “Exactly. It’s very subtle and says a great deal.”

Source: Reddit.

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