Trim Financial is the best money app I’ve seen for saving money and beating your budget

Do you know where every dollar you spend goes? Are you still paying for things you signed up for but never use?

I’m usually pretty good at tracking my money and keeping on my budget. I was surprised recently when my credit card statement showed a charge for $78.49 – an annual charge for something I signed up for last year and totally forgot about…I hadn’t even used it in a year!

I now use the Trim Financial app to track my spending better and make sure I cancel subscriptions I don’t want.

The Trim app can be the best online tool to identify and stop unnecessary spending quickly. And the best part is that Trim monitors your spending and cuts your monthly expenses for free!

After using the service for a couple of months, I wanted to leave a Trim review to share what I’ve learned about this personal finance app.

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Pros of Using Trim Financial

  • It’s free!
  • Receive reminders and alerts and never pay a late fee or overdraft fee again
  • Easiest way to cancel your monthly subscriptions
  • Monitor finances via text message or Facebook Messenger

Cons of Using Trim Financial

  • Banks with double-layer security might not connect to Trim

What is Trim Financial?

Trim is a free digital assistant that you can access online, Facebook Messenger, or text message.

With Trim, you can get control of your finances the easy way by:

  • Track spending
  • Cancel unwanted subscriptions
  • Renegotiate your cable, phone, and car insurance bills

Within five to ten years, Trim’s goal is to fully automate your finances so all you need to do is earn an income and live within your means; Trim will handle all the day-to-day financial decisions you forget about or don’t have time for.

Currently, Trim users save over $1,000,000 a month. In less than a minute, Trim will save you money too.

Try it Free – See How Much You Save Every Month on Trim

How to Use the Trim Financial App

Tracking spending isn’t exclusive to Trim, but if you want to monitor and cut spending in a single place, Trim is your best option. You won’t be able to create a monthly budget or savings goals like you can with a few other budgeting tools (at least not yet), but you can set spending reminders and alerts so you never miss a bill payment or overdraft your bank account again.

I like using Trim because I get an alert any time an expense larger than $100 occurs on my credit card or bank account. You can adjust this amount to be higher or lower depending on how closely you want to monitor your spending.

how to track your money with trim financial
How to Track Your Money with Trim Financial

After Trim has monitored your spending for a month, you will begin receiving regular reports that compare your spending from month-to-month. If you’re an anti-budgeter, this can be a handy way to still track your spending without getting bogged down by the details.

Cancel Unwanted Subscriptions to Save Money

Another reason to consider Trim is they will cancel your unwanted subscriptions for free. Whether it’s your Pandora One subscription that only requires a simple email or a gym membership that needs a certified letter, Trim will cancel your subscription when you give the command.

After analyzing your bank account and credit card spending—for the accounts you link—Trim provides a list of monthly subscriptions for streaming plans, insurance premiums, and anything in between. To cancel a subscription, simply send the message “Cancel ______” via text or Facebook Messenger.

easy way to cancel subscriptions and save money
The Easiest Way to Save Money with Trim

You can also cancel your subscriptions online by clicking the “Cancel This Subscription” button. This tool is useful if you think you canceled a subscription, but you didn’t because you’re still getting charged on a regular basis.

Lower Your Monthly Bills Fast

In addition to canceling your unwanted subscriptions, Trim will also renegotiate your internet, phone, and cable TV bills with the best current offers. To start this process, you need to link your cable, internet, or phone account to Trim. After seeing how much you pay each month, Trim will compare your existing plan to the current promotions for new subscribers.

If you call your cable TV provider on an annual basis and threaten to cancel unless they keep your rate low, Trim makes that call for you so you can get the best rate. You still might get a call from the cable company to verify you permitted Trim to renegotiate your bill, but this is the most painless way I know of lowering your cable bill without switching to an “a la carte” cable provider like Sling TV.

Lowering your monthly bills is the one area where Trim charges a small fee, but you’re still saving money, so it’s a win-win. When Trim successfully lowers your monthly bill, they keep a 25% success fee of your first month’s savings.

Renegotiate Car Insurance Premiums

The newest Trim feature rolled out is renegotiating your monthly car insurance premium. Trim will compare your current auto insurance policy to comparable internet plans to find a potentially better deal.

Unless you need to stay with a particular insurance provider to receive a bundle discount on your homeowner’s or rental insurance premium too, switching insurance providers is an easy way to save a few bucks each month.

Is Trim Secure?

I know what you’re thinking because I thought the same thing. How do I know my financial information is secure on Trim?

First off, Trim doesn’t store any of your personal financial information on their servers. They use a third-party service called Plaid to connect to your financial account for read-only access; they can’t authorize financial transactions or change your account settings.

If you use any other finance apps that connect to your bank accounts, chances are that app accesses your information through Plaid. No internet server is hack-proof, but your information is as secure with Trim as it is with any other online banking or financial service.

See how much you can save every month – Try Trim Free


Trim is an easy and free way to monitor your finances and cut your spending. They are constantly working to find new ways to help you save money. If you want to lower your bills and don’t have the time to do it yourself, Trim is worth a try. It’s free and there’s no commitment to use the service so you can sign up and try it out to see how much you’ll save.

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