3 Ways YouTube is Changing Lives and Making Massive Impact

So many ways YouTube is changing lives of people all around the globe. How did YouTube change your life? Learn more about the amazing facets of this video streaming platform massively revolutionizing the world at large.

There are huge significant ways YouTube is changing lives since it was founded in the year 2005. At this age, the most popular free streaming website is now a home to billions of online viewers worldwide and is generally already a part of people’s daily lives. It has been a great source of entertainment, music for the music lovers, passion for those who like arts and crafts and knowledge for those constantly seeking for answers around the web. Little kids, teenagers, parents, middle-aged people and even the senior ones find comfort and joy watching a variety of videos on YouTube. Hobbyists learn to nurture their gifts through watching videos, kids learn to play instruments, sing and dance, aspiring singers are able to showcase their talents and educators impart their knowledge in a diverse audience. In simple terms, YouTube is exceptionally life changing!

There are so many things and topics that can be covered via YouTube that enable people to connect and engage with each other with their varying insights and opinions on a daily basis. YouTube allows you to learn and know how to weigh things that can either impact your life positively or negatively. For others who have no control and didn’t have enough discipline to use the platform in the right way, it can amplify the cons. But for those responsible users and creators who use the platform to educate, inform and entertain, good harvest can be reaped of it in due time such as extra income and becoming a positive influencer depending on the niche.

Nowadays, YouTube is already considered an “important” part of a modern person’s life and life without it almost seems unimaginable now for others. Some say that life would be dull, difficult and learning could be complicated if it was not for YouTube. The platform has indeed helped the world not just for entertainment purposes, but also for de-stressing, unwinding, occupying space, taking time to relax and spending quality time with one’s self and loved ones.

At first, you might think of it as something that has widely impacted the world and the outstanding ways YouTube is changing lives can somehow be unbelievable, but the effect of this free video streaming platform is undeniably massive that it paved the way for online marketing revolution and thousands more opportunities to the global community. It helped develop and improve cultural trends, and functioned as an instrument for self expression.

Youtube has been the home for multiple audiences from different races all around the world, a marketplace for media products, a digital library of millions of information, a channel for debate, and a source of inspiration and entertainment all at once. YouTube highlights, reflects and amplifies different rich cultures, talents and media. As a result, it now plays an extremely crucial role in showcasing culture and all types of media for more than a decade.

What You Can Gain from YouTube

YouTube is not all about becoming a super popular YouTuber, it’s far way more than that. It is powerful that in so many ways YouTube is changing lives for the best. You can use it to generate income for you and even your entire household, it has revolutionized the way content creators make money! It’s a lot easier now using the platform than it was before, and what were once considered as less conventional jobs are becoming more common and accepted easily.

When starting a YouTube channel, do not worry too much about being the most beautiful, presentable, or perfect. Just be yourself and show your unique personality confidently. The right people will be gravitated towards your channel and they’ll be the one to come for you for tips, knowledge, or any feedback they want to give.

By then, companies and organizations now start resonating with your channel and style. That’s when the unfolding of magic happens, companies for different brands will now start reaching you to ask you for a product or service feature. That’s the time they’ll start paying you in generous amounts may it be in cash, free products or free services.

Amazing, right? You can turn one product or service video content to $10 then $100 to $1,000 or more. It’s so worth it and can bring you more amazing opportunities like big collaborations with famous celebrities and top brands. These on top of the great connections and friendships that you will gain over the months and years of being a positive influencer in the platform. I know it can be nerve-wracking and awkward just thinking about it, filming yourself and the things you do, and post your video for a big number of viewers who’ll watch. Just trust the process, that it will all work out for you if you give it a go and be consistent. Trust me, it can only mean something big is waiting for you in the limelight.

YouTube Discovers Talents Easier and Faster

artist vlogging as one of the ways youtube is changing lives

In the past years, YouTube has paved the way for people’s talents getting discovered. Before, it was difficult to find out a person’s potential. But YouTube has it differently and conveniently, now it opened doors for easy discovery of talented actors, singers, dancers and artists to meet instant popularity. By merely uploading a video of yourself singing your best, if viewed by the right audience in a timely manner, it can reward you with a fortune. Millions of views can come your way, and a record deal can be offered to you overnight if your video gains more attention.

Remember that time when Justin Bieber rose to fame? His mom uploaded some of his singing videos to YouTube for friends and family to watch, not thinking that music manager Scooter Braun will happen to pass by his channel and watch his amazing talent. That opened doors for him for more gigantic opportunities that lead him to meet Usher and become a pop icon himself.

Before there was YouTube, talented individuals showcase their performances to small audiences in a bar or restaurant, with hopes that talent managers can chance their way for them there. Unlike YouTube now, it already has a huge audience to start with millions of potential viewers. Take note though that merely uploading your video is not a guarantee to hitting success for that one time, but it pulls up the chances for more viewership and discovery. Never lose hope. Believe in your talents.

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YouTube Changed Lives Through Positive Global Influence

Indeed, plenty of ways YouTube is changing lives around the globe and one of these is being able to spread facts happening in different countries and being able to take action relevant to the current situations. Through the platform, people from different walks of life can post video content showcasing the truth behind every unfolding event in their area. It can function as a first-hand source of real news that may be filtered by media giants or manipulated by political power. Oftentimes, the reality of it all is not being broadcast so solutions are delayed or halted. By using YouTube as an instrument to responsible journalism, people are able to spread awareness on the real up to date happenings and issues circulating around that are clamoring to be heard.

Through this, fundraisers, non-profit organizations, independent donors and others respond by spreading political news to saving rainforests as way of environmental concern, and strict penalty for animal-cruelty offenders. As a result, this platform has indeed helped raise millions of dollars for thousands of humanitarian and environmental causes all throughout the years, and massively contributed positive changes around the world.

YouTube Revolutionized the Entertainment Industry

Another visible way YouTube is changing lives is through promoting a better channel for entertainment. Before, people only rely on radios, televisions and books for fun. But today, we can already spend our free time relaxing while watching fun and amusing videos on YouTube one after another. YouTube has widely expanded that it now also hosts shows, movies, animated programs, web series and musical videos that you can watch it without added cost.

Moreover, what makes it more fascinating is that it has limitless opportunities to deliver fun, enjoyment and entertainment. Video clips on YouTube are being sourced by broadcasting media company researchers and featured on television news and shows like Good Morning America and The Steve Harvey Show. Before, family and friends ask over dinner about whether they have watched the latest box office hit in the movie theatre, but now, people ask if they have heard of the latest viral video and exchange their take on it. That way, they are able to discuss ideas and weigh things and common scenarios if they’ve been good or bad.

YouTube Introduced Better Education Resources with Animated Videos

YouTube is filled with thousands of how to videos, lectures and tutorials and it’s actually a great way to impart knowledge and teach little ones and even older students. Because videos are easier to understand as it consist presentations and in-depth fundamentals, it’s easier to absorb and learn. If you are curious about something, about how something is made up, or how something came about, the easiest and most convenient way is to instantly search it on YouTube. YouTube almost has all the answers you’ve been asking all along. Educational videos are truly advantageous in this new millennium and makes teaching and learning so much fun and entertaining.

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In fact, some educators have already started using YouTube as a tool for offering free educational materials for learners around the world. For instance, Homeschool Pop channel offers fun and exciting home learning videos for elementary students. Of course, that’s free of access and unlike other educational websites, it doesn’t require you to pay a single centavo. It’s totally for free! All that a person needs are a device and internet connection to get access to fantastic education, whether you’re situated in a remote place. As long as you have a smartphone, computer and internet, you can make use of this revolutionary approach to limitless education.

The ways Youtube is changing lives of people all around the world is immensely satisfying, convenient and easy. What fun ways you have experienced through YouTube and made you smile or laugh a lot? Plenty, most probably. Are you a creator, or an avid viewer? It solely depends on you. Either way, you gain something and it’s remarkably empowering.

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