Top 10 Investing Basics for New Investors

Why is it so difficult for new investors to get started? Because there is just too much information on the ‘net about investing and not all of it is good.

Investing can be as simple as you make it and getting started with the ten investing basics will put you on the right track as a new investor.

1: Understand what Investing is All About

Investing is about making money on your money, usually excruciatingly slowly. It is about, instead of spending all your money or taking out loans, buying an asset that will be worth more in the future. 

2: TV Pundits and Analysts are NOT there to Make you Money

This is a tough one because I provide investment advice and don’t want to seem hypocritical. 

There is good investment advice to be found on TV and online but the vast majority of it is there for one purpose… to draw viewers and readers. 

Your investment plan is about your goals and the risk you’ll need to take to earn a return on your money. The problem with following investment advice is that it doesn’t take into account if the advice fits with your plan. 

3: Investing is all about YOU

Once you have an investment plan based on your needs, it becomes pretty easy to sort through all the stock advice because it’s clearer whether the investment is right for you. You’ll trade in and out of stocks less frequently and save a ton of money in fees.

Diversification is your number one tool in meeting your investment goals. It’s one of the most talked about ideas in investing but few investors actually do it correctly.

4: Diversification isn’t just something you Talk about

The idea in investment diversification is that, if stocks were to take a tumble, your bond investments would be there to smooth out your total portfolio return. 

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