11 Ways to Save on Medical Costs and Stay Healthy

Stop waiting for the government. Use these tips to save on medical costs and take back control of health care.

Medical costs are a budget killer! Not only are medical costs rising faster than paychecks but they account for one of the biggest expenses on your budget.

1) Ask your doctor about all options and costs.

Fighting this conflict means asking your doctor if all the treatments and tests are necessary and whether they will actually help. 

2) Ask for a discount if you pay in cash.

Even after insurance payments, doctors have to manage their own patient billing and sometimes don’t get paid.

3) Use an in-network provider and look for insurance with a large network.

Preferred Provider Options (PPO) are special deals insurance companies have set up with doctors. 

4) Shop around for medical care, even within in-network providers.

Nobody likes to negotiate, especially for medical care, but you can actually get a really good deal if you shop around.

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