Is a 660 Credit Score Good Credit [how to get any loan you want]

I’ve done a lot of these credit score reviews around different FICO scores but I’ve gotta say, I’m really excited about talking about the 660 credit score.

A 660 credit score isn’t yet considered good credit but all you need is a little more to ditch that bad credit forever.

Is 660 a Good Credit Score?

A 660 credit score isn’t quite good credit yet. This is called prime lending and it’s the point where you start getting approved for any loan and start seeing rates come down.

As with most of the credit score reviews, there’s usually one of two reasons why you have a 660 credit score. 1. You’re a younger borrower with only a year or two credit history or you haven’t used credit regularly. 

Why Do I Have a 660 Credit Score?

Why Do I Have a 660 Credit Score? 

2. You’ve destroyed your credit score by missing payments or defaulting on a loan. We’ve all been there and actually a 660 credit score isn’t that bad so you might have only been late on a few payments.

How Many People Have a 660 Credit Score?

You’re in good company with a 660 FICO because more than one-in-three Americans have a credit score at 650 FICO or below that point. In fact, only about half of borrowers have a score above the range you’re in right now. 

Personal Loans for 660 Credit Score

After destroying my credit, I was only able to go to a few personal loan sites for debt consolidation and other loans. You’ll have more options than that and will probably get approved at any peer-to-peer loan site.

How to Fix a 660 Credit Score

If you can wait just three to six months for a loan, there’s a good chance you can increase a 660 credit score into that prime lending range and get even lower rates. 

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