9 Money Questions Every Marriage Needs

Money questions for couples should be addressed early in marriage. Have the money conversation with your spouse before it becomes a problem and become closer together.

Talking about money early, as a way to plan your future together, can be a bonding exercise rather than something that tears you apart.

How to Address Money Questions for Couples

The money questions for couples should be addressed by both sides in a way that it does not resort to misunderstandings.

1) Should we combine finances, manage them separately or a little of both?

If you find you are just too incompatible financially, this might be a way of heading off future problems.

2) What is our credit situation?

Look at each other’s credit scores and credit history. Is there a pattern of missed payments and defaults?

3) What are the debts we are each bringing to the marriage?

Each partner needs to be completely honest about their types of debt as well as the amounts.

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