3 Retirement Investing Strategies to Make Your Money Last

Most Americans face a tragic tug-of-war in retirement, pay for living expenses or grow their savings so it lasts through retirement.

According to the Government Accountability Office (GAO), the median retirement savings for Americans in their 60s is just $148,000 including employer-sponsored and individual plans. 

With the average life expectancy of a 67-year old reaching 84-years old, none of these scenarios is good. You either live on next to nothing or you run out of money early.

Investing Questions in Retirement

Investing during retirement comes down to one very important question. How do you protect the money you’ve saved but still grow it so you don’t run out?

Answering this most important retirement question means a delicate balance between the safety and cash flow of bonds with upside growth but risk in stocks and real estate investments. 

All three of these strategies will help you balance the need for growth while spending down your retirement investments. 

Best Investing Strategies for Retirees

The Bucket Approach is one of the most popular retirement investing strategies. The idea is that you set up your total investments in three accounts, each with different investments, to provide for cash flow and growth. 

The Matching Strategy for retirement investing is slightly more conservative than the bucket approach. This strategy directly matches your living expenses with fixed-income investments to virtually guarantee you have enough to pay for retirement.

The final retirement investment strategy is to use annuities to cover a portion of your expenses along with social security and then filling the gap with a return from stocks.

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