How to Do Blog Collaborations the Right Way

Doing blog collaborations is an effective way to boost your site's traffic. But how to do that the right way?

In today's world of SEO being so competitive behind-the-scenes, bloggers have been coming up with better ways of getting exposure for their blogs through blog collaborations in order to get backlinks.

Blog Collaborations Do's and Don'ts

Here are six simple ways to make sure you can collaborate with someone else's blog without doing damage to your own site. 

Don’t Link Dump

It's always good advice to never simply “plug” yourself into other people's content, because not only does it make you look desperate, but it can also make you look cheap.

Don’t Self-Promote with Their Traffic

You don't want to overdo the promotion of your own site in an attempt to gain more exposure with their readers. The last thing you want is for them to be turned off by what they see when they get there. 

If this is done in moderation then it's not really a problem. Just make sure that it's evident that even though they are on your site, there isn't any forced self-promotion involved in the way you wrote something up for them.

Don’t Link Drop After Linking Drop

I've seen so many blogs have no problem spamming links all over the place without thinking about whether or not it's appropriate or relevant to the topic being discussed. 

This can come from a lack of self-confidence as well as a problem with over-optimization, but either way, the person reading it may not appreciate you constantly pushing your link in their face. 

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