How to Date When You’re Broke

Being broke doesn’t have to mean being single. And it’s not just paying for the date when you’re broke but trying not to look like a scrub when you shop the Wal-Mart clearance rack. 

With the help of my wife who is just as ‘thrifty’ as I am, we put together this list of how to date when you’re broke.

Dating Cheaply without Being Cheap

The idea of broke dating is to take the focus off of what you are doing and put it on each other.

Going to flea markets is a popular cheap date but it also serves as a window into someone’s personality. Do they share your interests? Do they look down their nose at anything used? Better to find out now that they’ve got a weird obsession with Russian nesting dolls.

Go Online to Break the Ice for a Nice Price

Not only is meeting someone online fairly cheap but you’ll usually spend two or three emails getting to know each other. That’s at least one $70 dinner you can save.

Shopping is fun…but expensive. You may not need to wear a new shirt every time you take someone out but it better not have holes in it.

Broke Dating Fashion: Looking the Part without Spending a Fortune

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