Turn Budgeting from Necessity into Smarter Spending Habits

Sometimes budgeting comes out of dire necessity though and can force you to learn smarter spending for life. 

Today’s essay is by Mackenzie Raetz. She shares how budgeting out of necessity early in life has helped her learn great spending habits 

Budgeting for a Better Education

Growing up in a family of five with three kids in private school meant one thing, money was never in abundance. Budgeting was an important part of my family’s life. 

Rather than spending money on big vacations or even buying a new car, my parents put their hard-earned wages into my sisters’ and my education. They wanted us to have all the tools necessary for success. 

Learning Good Credit Habits

In order to help me gain credit from an early age and teach me about using money wisely, my parents signed me up for a credit card. 

Though they pay it off for me every month, I still keep careful track of the statements and only use it when absolutely necessary. 

I also have a checking and savings account, though the money inside has never been touched; I wanted to save as much of it as possible for when I need it most. Being on my own in college will be that moment. 

Overall, I feel that my parents have prepared me to spend my money wisely in college. Though I am not a big spender, I know that I should still be careful to look around before springing for something.

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