How to Get an Amazing Credit Reference

A good credit reference can mean the difference between getting your loan or being rejected, the difference between having to put down just a month’s security deposit or six month’s deposit.

There is one tool that can help you get the money you need and a little financial respect, the credit reference.

What exactly is credit? 

Credit is essentially what gives you the ability to borrow money from a private lender or service provider that you can receive instantly and just pay back later.

Why is a Credit Reference Important?

If there isn’t much information on your credit report or you have a credit score that wouldn’t normally be high enough to get a loan, a credit reference can help support your application.

How Do I Get a Credit Reference?

If you’ve had any loans from local businesses, from car dealers or store credit, these can also make for good sources of references.

Credit Reference on Rental Application

The best reference will be from a previous landlord. If this isn’t possible, get a reference from your employer and your bank.

What Do I Put for a Credit Reference

Most rental applications will ask for your previous landlord’s name and contact information as a credit reference.

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