Dealing with Debt after Losing a Loved One

Death strikes at the most inappropriate times and without the slightest hint of warning. 

As if coming to fact with a loved one isn’t bad enough, it can be financially frustrating to learn that they passed on with a huge debt obligation.  

Here’s how to offset the debt left behind by a loved one. 

Identify the Type of Debt

The debt that the deceased left behind can range from easy payday loans to long-term installment loans. The first step is to identify the type of loan they have and whether they had a guarantor for the loan or not. 

The first step in dealing with the debt is to ensure that you are on the same page with the creditors. Inform them that you are working on repaying the loan left behind by the deceased.

Inform the Creditors of the Demise

Assess whether the deceased had insurance. If it included paying down part of their loans, then proceed to file a claim with the insurance company. 

Determine Whether the Deceased Had Insurance

Pay Down The Loan in Order of Priority

Before handing down the estate to the heirs, it is better that you first pay down any loans that the deceased had. Start with secured loans such as mortgages.

As they could easily lead to losing the home or other assets to the lenders. Next, deal with funeral costs and estate administration costs and end with unsecured loans such as credit card debt. 

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