Complete 3-Month Debt Payoff Plan [Free eCourse]

A survey by Money magazine found that two-in-three Americans started a plan to pay off their debt in the last year and 60% failed.

Follow this debt payoff course to get out from under your debt and create your financial future.

Finally Get Out from Under Debt

 I’m so excited to get started on this series, to give you everything you need to beat your debt once and for all. And when I say everything, I mean everything.

The #1 Reason People Fail at Paying Off Debt

Not having that motivation to pay off debt is the #1 reason people fail. It all but guarantees you fail at paying off the debt because why the hell are you doing it.

How to Find the Motivation for Debt Payoff

The very first step in your debt payoff plan is setting those financial goals, creating the why for your debt payoff. Making your goals be your motivation means making those goals real.

Making Your Debt Plan and Goals Real

Write down three big goals you have in life. These can be retirement, your kids education, that dream vacation, anything. We’re talking big picture here, you don’t have to be too specific.

Making Your Debt Plan and Goals Real

Now for each one of those goals, you’re going to imagine a story around it. Close your eyes and start building a picture.

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