4 Dividend Stocks to Fight Inflation

Inflation is affecting all aspects of your life. First, your weekly trip to the grocery store is more expensive because the price of meats, dairy, fruits, and almost everything else costs more. 

Next, the gas you use in your car is way up in price from last year. In addition, rents are rising too. So inflation is probably impacting stocks in your portfolio too. 


Officially, the inflation rate was 8.5% in the twelve months through March 2022. Many companies are facing unrelenting pressure with higher input costs. For instance, labor is more expensive since the unemployment rate is very low at 3.6%. 


We discuss four stocks that are seemingly benefitting from the inflationary environment and will apparently have a good year in 2022.


ExxonMobil (XOM) is one of the world’s largest oil and gas exploration and production companies in the world. The annual dividend rate is $3.52 per share, giving an excellent forward dividend yield of 4.16%.


Coca-Cola is known for its dividend. The company is one of the longest dividend paying companies, with a 102-year streak. The forward dividend rate is $1.76 per share, giving a dividend yield of about 2.7%.

U.S. Bancorp

The over 150-year-old bank operates mainly in the mid-West and West. The forward dividend rate is $1.84 for this Dividend Contender giving a dividend yield of 3.71%. 


The company's dividend has a high growth rate of approximately 18.8% in the past decade and 17.32% in the trailing 5-years. The forward dividend rate is $3.20 per share, giving a dividend yield of 1.60%.

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