The Un-Budgeting System that Makes Budgeting Easy

Budgeting sucks ok. Everybody loves to talk about making a budget but then it lasts about as long as a snowflake in southern California.

I’m going to show you an un-budgeting system that will make saving easy. Here you’ll be able to budget your money without really budgeting at all.

Why is Keeping a Budget so Difficult?

Budgeting is like going to the dentist, right? It’s not that bad but we put it off and don’t go as often as we need to.`

That’s the problem with most budgeting advice, it assumes you’re going to do it every month. That’s the only way a budget is going to work and it just doesn’t happen.

Creating an Easy Budgeting System to Follow

I’ve found an easier system, probably the easiest I’ve ever seen for budgeting called the one-card system. This means using one card, a debit card or a credit card, for all your purchases. 

Everything is going to go on that card and it’s going to automatically track every penny you spend. 

Tracking Spending in Four Categories

Each month when your statement closes, you’ll get a printout of your spending. Then you can separate each item into four categories; fixed expenses, variable expenses, irregular spending, and wants. 

This is where you’re really going to be able to see your spending and find out where you can save the most without skimping.

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