9 Free Websites that Really Mean Free

I’ve gone on enough “free” vacations and subscribed to too many “free” websites only to learn later that the word must mean something entirely different to some people.

These 9 free websites actually deliver on what they promise, offering truly free stuff for work, listening, learning and everyday life.

I use each one of these free websites nearly everyday and I know you will enjoy them as much as I do.

Free websites for everyday life

My favorite free website is the family calendar from Famundo.com, which helps you organize with a family calendar, message board and address book.

Cooking for visitors is a favorite past-time of mine, but I cannot always find a recipe in my cookbooks. There are hundreds of recipe sites online, so many that I lose track of them all.

You can usually type in the name of the dish you want to prepare or just go straight to my favorite free website for cooking, AllRecipe.com which even lets you leave reviews of your favorite recipes.

I love listening to 50's and 60's music but have a difficult time finding good radio stations that play what I like. I just type in an artist on Pandora.com and the free website for music plays songs by that artist.

Free websites for listening and learning

I have been trying to learn Spanish on my own off and on for years. I can get the basics but then I usually end up quitting before I get very far. I’ve just recently found bbc.co.uk/languages and love their approach to learning a language.

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