Frugal Ideas to Save Money on Groceries

The average family spends more than $4,000 a year on groceries and spends nearly $2,700 a year eating out. Combined, food amounts to the third biggest budget expense after housing and transportation.

Being frugal at the grocery store can save you a lot of money and have you eating healthier in the process.

Here are the few ways to save almost $1,400 a year in eating out with our 20 money saving tips to save $7,500 a year. 

How the Stores Keep you from Saving Money on Groceries

The grocery store knows that if you wait in line long enough, you’ll eventually buy something you don’t need and heaven forbid your toddler see a cool toy he wants. You’re not leaving the store without that plastic squirt gun.

It’s time to save money on groceries!

First, eat a good meal before you go grocery shopping. Shopping on a full stomach means you won’t be tempted by the empty calories in those frosting-covered sugar bombs and chocolate-covered regret-me-laters.

Save money on groceries while eating at home

Try eating only at home for one month, and that includes no take-out or pizza delivery. If you eat out for lunch or find yourself visiting the vending machine, cutting back can save a bunch of money.

Save money on groceries, even when you´re too tired to cook

The crock pot is your new best friend for saving money on groceries without pending a lot of time in the kitchen. Figure out when you’ll be busy at work and might not feel like cooking up a meal. 

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