How to Start a Food Channel on YouTube

When someone asks me what type of channel to start, my first answer is always a question…”What do you enjoy talking about?”

If you can start with that passion, you’ll be able to keep creating videos even before the other benefits like the money start coming in. My second answer to the question though, “START A FOOD CHANNEL!”

Food and cooking channels work on so many different levels. Whether you enjoy cooking, just want to learn a little yourself or want to grow a monstrous channel that make money…you’ll be able to do all three on YouTube.

Why Start a Food Channel on YouTube

There are a few reasons I like food channels so much for beginning YouTubers and at least one of the three main reasons usually hits a key motivation.

1. Cooking channels are soooo easy to grow.   2. Food channels are also EXTREMELY monetizable.  3. One last benefit to starting a food channel on YouTube, and this is a big surprise for most, the ability to save on your family’s food costs! 

Here are some of the advantages of starting a food channel on YouTube: 1. You can share your experiences with food and cooking with others.

Advantages of Starting a Food Channel on YouTube

2. It has lower startup costs than many other forms of online media. 3. You'll be able to make money from advertisements. 4. Viewers enjoy hearing about what they'd like to try themselves.

How to Start a YouTube Food Channel

Starting a successful channel is a little more complicated but anyone can do it. You first need to pick your topic or niche. This is what you’ll be talking about, cooking or who you want to reach with your videos.

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