How to Not Give Up on YouTube? 10 Ways to Boost YouTube Growth

In this article, you’ll learn some helpful ways to boost your channel’s growth despite plunging views and why you should not give up on YouTube just yet.

“My YouTube channel doesn’t seem to grow no matter how hard I work and strategize my content, what do I do?’

I get these kinds of questions and situations a lot and to be perfectly honest, I don’t have the answers that everyone’s looking for. What I can provide instead are ways to push through whatever problem or situation you’re in.

You might not know what it feels like to be in the shoes of these frustrated YouTubers. To lose subscribers, views and confidence. To give up on your passion that brings you joy because things seem hopeless. It’s very frustrating when you lost everything you’ve worked so hard for. But it is possible to bounce back with some proper planning, strategy and lots of courage.

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Some methods aren’t just meant to work for YouTube, they’re supposed to apply to all kinds of endeavors such as education, business, sports, fashion, anything really. If it’s something you want badly enough and if you treat what you do like an actual job (which it is), then you’ll eventually see results.

How to Not Give Up on YouTube? 10 Things That Matter

If your channel doesn’t seem to grow no matter how hard you try and strategize your content like making graphics and thumbnails, here are some things that will help. If you follow these steps and do it consistently, you’ll eventually start gaining views.

how to not give up on youtube

1) First off, think about why you made a YouTube channel in the first place. Did you want fame? Are you just trying to get famous by any means necessary? Maybe it was just your hobby.

Whatever your reason was, it is still okay. You can always reevaluate your life’s purpose. If you are no longer passionate about the channel, try to think of another niche that might suit you better.

2) Make a plan for how you will get more views on YouTube so that you can gradually gain back some subscribers.

Create new videos and post frequently enough so people know when to expect something new from you. Do not neglect your audience by making them wait too long for fresh content.

3) Before uploading any video on YouTube, ask yourself if it has an intrinsic value or is just there for entertainment purposes only?

Why should anyone watch your video over dog videos? After all, doggos rule the internet with their cuteness and everyone knows what they want before they even “bow-wow”.

4) Use TubeBuddy to help you track your YouTube channel’s growth and gain tips and insights on how to boost growth.

I highly recommend using TubeBuddy if you’re trying to gain subscribers and views on your channel. It literally tells me what I am doing wrong or right for my own channel.

Here are the nicest features I found helpful about using TubeBuddy:

  • Find out what kind of videos your viewers want to watch by using the Trending page to monitor keywords on YouTube.
  • You can use their insightful dashboard to monitor your YouTube channel’s performance on different aspects, such as views, likes, comments, subscribers and social media engagement.
  • It will also tell you how far along you are on the road of reaching 100K Subscribers.
  • TubeBuddy can help you find out which tags are most effective for your YouTube video or playlist so that it might get more views in return.
  • Not only does TubeBuddy encourage growth with its features but it helps you stay organized and helps you plan ahead for your channel’s growth.
  • The YouTube database helps you gain insight on what videos work best with the trends and searches going around.
  • It has a guide called “How to Get To 100K Subscribers” that provides helpful information regarding subscribers, views, likes and all other things related to gaining more viewers on YouTube.

Create your account on TubeBuddy for free to see the features that will help grow your channel!

That’s pretty much it! Those are just some of the features that have been helping me along my journey in making videos and managing my channel properly so that I should be able to grow a successful YouTube channel in no time.

5) Always keep your subscribers in mind when making videos. Your subscribers deserve to watch high-quality content that is unique and makes them feel good about themselves. If you just want to show off but do not care about providing something worthwhile for your audience, then what’s the point of making a channel?

The world does not owe you anything. You should be thankful that anyone actually cares to see what you’re doing with your life. Life can be hard as it is already, why make things more difficult for people by giving them horrible content?

6) Be consistent. This goes back to knowing your audience. I’m sure you’ve heard this phrase many times before but it’s extremely important on YouTube. Why? Well, if you upload infrequently then people aren’t going to come back every time just to see if there’s a new video because chances are they’ve already checked the channel out and decided it wasn’t for them, and maybe you just didn’t give them reason enough or just never responded after that.

What kind of consistency am I talking about here though? Well, one good example is uploading once every week. This is because most channels upload anywhere between 1-5 videos per week. If you do this consistently and don’t break any of these rules, then eventually your channel will get bigger over time which will increase your revenue from any sources of income you may have on there.

7) It’s important to never give up on yourself . Not everyone will understand or appreciate what you do as a YouTuber. But there are people out there who find it worth their time waiting for your new content.

Create your account on TubeBuddy for free to see the features that will help grow your channel!

how to not give up on youtube

Even if you have no views or subscribers, never think that what you do is worthless. Be grateful of the fact that you have a channel. And if things get difficult, just know that it will be okay one day.

8) Keep in mind that it takes time to build anything. It could take days, months or years before you start seeing results from all the hard work you’ve put into your channel. It’s not easy but definitely worth it.

Just keep on working at it and don’t give up when times get tough because nothing worthwhile comes easily.

9) Put yourself out there by sharing what makes you unique on other social media platforms. A simple post on Instagram or Facebook could be the trigger that starts the domino effect of getting you noticed.

Just remember to keep things relevant and interesting so people would want to see your content more often.

10) If possible, find a partner who has similar interests as you have for your channel. You will have someone who understands what it means to be a YouTuber so you do not feel alone in this journey.

Having a friend with the same passion will encourage both of you to work harder and stay motivated despite hardships along the way.

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So, is YouTube Worth Giving Another Try?

I would have to say YES. YouTube is a platform that has many opportunities waiting for you if you just give it a chance and work at it.

It’s not always easy, but after all the time I’ve spent working on my own channel, I can definitely say that it was worth it in the end. Well, all that I’m saying is that no matter how far-fetched or impossible that may seem right now. If you’re thinking about starting a channel yourself then go ahead and take that leap of faith. With YouTube, you can make your dreams happen!

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