How to Increase YouTube Views Organically

I’ll be giving you some proven ways on how to increase YouTube views exponentially and organically.

Making money on YouTube is greatly possible, I can attest to that. Currently, there are thousands of YouTube channels that have reached the threshold more than one million views per video and some even hit 10 million plus views in some videos. It only proves how successful you can be if you do everything right, starting from how to increase YouTube views and how to make money on YouTube .

You must have seen how most YouTube videos tend to rank higher on search results based on how many times it was watched. Without any doubt, this is related with how well your video was positioned during its early stage.

how to increase YouTube views organically

What most people don’t know is how much work it takes in order to really get your video go viral. Most of the YouTube experts spends about six weeks before they even launch their viral video. And how do they do that? That’s by learning how to increase YouTube views the right way.

YouTube Being the Largest Online Platform for Videos

YouTube is the biggest site on the internet where you can upload videos. But you should be ready that your videos will not immediately attract and get people to watch your videos. To achieve your desired YouTube views, you have to keep learning and creating quality content or content that gives value and entertainment to viewers.

Having a lot of YouTube views  is the key to get more subscribers, traffic and a higher ranking on YouTube. It is how you show your audience that you are popular and how much attention you are getting from whatever niche you belong to.

Why YouTube Views Go Down

There are numerous factors why YouTube views go down. When you noticed that your video has little or no view, it is not certain how views go down and by this time, your primary goal should focus on how to increase YouTube views. Some of the reasons why YouTube views decrease are:

  1. The channel of your video may be new in YouTube. Therefore, the number of people interested in your content is still small.
  2. There can be a lack of interest towards topics discussed in the videos even though there are lots of people who like different genres. Learning and mastering how to create great marketing content for YouTube is a must-know stuff.
  3. Your subject matter may have not caught the interest of your target audience.

How to Increase YouTube Views

Share with other YouTube users

You might wonder how it’s related but sharing your video is one of the best ways to get more views in just a few minutes or hours. People might like your video and want their friends too see it, so they will share it with them. This means more viewers for You! Many people don’t realize how easy it is to do, so how about I show you how?

How to share a video:  Click on the share button After that, just copy the link of your video and send it via email or any other social network.

Tip : It helps if you give a short description of how interesting or funny your video is so people will watch it.

Be an Effective Communicator

In your content, provide real value and usefulness so that everyone will find your videos useful. Be an effective communicator of your chosen subjects. People will like it if they found out that you can talk about your topic in a way that is easy for them to understand and follow.  

Know the basics of writing and speaking so that techniques applied will be interesting. Know where you want the audience to go when they have finished watching your video. Then, be sure that viewers will understand where you lead them so that they will feel compelled to click on the next link.

Use YouTube SEO Techniques

Do not forget about SEO and backlinks because this is an important part of increasing YouTube views in any channel. If people can’t find your content easily, then you can’t expect to have increased YouTube views immediately. Have a plan for sharing using social media, email, and other available ways so that maximum promotion can be achieved.

Target 4 top keywords on which your content should be based on like uploading useful how-to videos because search engines will consider the keywords most relevant when they find out about your content.

Post on forums for sharing videos

This works almost like the previous one except this time, instead of viewers from around the world, these will be mostly coming from forums.  It doesn’t really have to be a forum dedicated to videos posted by users only, but you might want to read how most people want their links shared:    

1) Post in forums related to your videos topic. For example, if you have how to make money from home videos, then post it in “how to make money from home” forums.  

2) Be sure the forum has an active community that will definitely love to see what you are posting.   

3) Always link to the video page where they can watch your video and not directly by copying the link of the video itself ( this is a huge mistake most people do!).

4) Don’t spam your link on every single post or thread you find. 

5) Use some good keywords while discussing about how many views or how much traffic has your video received .

6) Kindly ask for a feedback.

Join a Dynamic Community for Video Content Creators

There are many how to make money communities and how to give traffic to your YouTube accounts forums that can you join. Joining these communities will make sure that people will willingly check out your videos, as they’ll go there for content related stuff anyway.

how to increase YouTube views organically

Tip: Always be sure the community has no spamming or other rules in place which would block your comments or other things related. Also take some time every now and then to check how active is the Facebook page of your favorite how to video making site. If the page is updated on daily basis with new posts and others commenting on it, this shows how much interest they have in sharing how interesting their videos are with others.

Posting in comments of other videos

Even if this gets less amount of new viewers than sharing it with other users, this is still something everyone should do. Take some time to read about what others are posting there and leave a short comment providing how useful their posts were for yourself. This will surely get more attention from others too.

It’s really easy to see how many views you video has received in just the last few hours or days by going to your videos page or profile page. If you want to, you can leave a comment saying how much it grew since your last update on how many views you have received. This will get people into checking out how huge an increase that is and they might click on it as well.

Now that you know how to increase YouTube views and see the desired results for yourself, it’s about time to focus on monetizing your channel and exploring more amazing ways to make money on YouTube. Most of these won’t require exemplary writing skills, only resonance and relatability when it comes to your audiences’ point of view.

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