Spot On Ways to Make a Living with YouTube

Earning a decent income as a video creator is highly possible and here are some clear tips to help you make a living with YouTube, the world’s largest video sharing platform.

YouTube is a giant video sharing website which launched in 2005. Since then, YouTube has changed its appearance many times over the years, but what hasn’t changed is how much people use it for watching funny videos, music videos and news clips. Now, a lot of video creators make a living with YouTube.

Plenty of people are using YouTube as their main source of income, all from doing something they love: creating and uploading videos. In this article we’re going to look at some tips that will help you make a living with YouTube. We’ll also take a look at how it’s possible to scale up your earning potential depending on how much effort you’ve got to put in. Making money from making videos takes time, effort and patience – but if you do it right, you’ll be able to make a decent income from it.


This article is going to cover the following key areas:

  • How YouTube started and how well it has grown in popularity since then;
  • The best ways to find the right niche for your channel, based on what type of content you enjoy making videos about;
  • Identifying some of the most lucrative methods that people do to monetize their channels.

How did YouTube Start?

When YouTube first launched in 2005, its main purpose was for users to be able to upload and share videos with their peers. In fact, many students used YouTube to upload lecture material, class notes and even homework assignments. The site did so well that Google bought it in 2006 for $1.65 billion dollars! As the years have past YouTube has grown steadily to become one of the world’s most popular websites, and it is now hosting over 30 hours worth of video content every minute .

How Popular is YouTube?

YouTube as a platform is bigger than ever before, with around 1 billion users logging onto its website or mobile app in any given month to watch videos. In fact, you probably aren’t reading this article from a computer; you might be viewing this on your phone or tablet device. This goes to show how widespread YouTube has become – it’s accessible almost anywhere you can get an internet connection! 

How to Earn Money Fast in YouTube

If you’ve already got a YouTube channel and are trying to figure out how to earn money fast from it, then this part of the article will help you out – by looking at some of the spot on ways to make a living with YouTube, we’ll see just how quick your income can grow. If you’re new to YouTube and want to start your own channel, there are some things you need to do before we dive into the different ways that you can monetize.

The content is king on YouTube – meaning if you’re going to make money from it, then you’ll need high-quality videos with engaging titles that showcase what your video is all about. If you don’t have a series of good videos already, then I recommend taking the time to create a few short clips in order to develop a decent channel foundation. Think of this as your home based job and once people have subscribed or liked your page, they’ll be able to find these new uploads easily!

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Have a Specific YouTube Niche

You might have heard the word ‘niche’ thrown around when talking about how easy or hard it is to earn money on YouTube. If you have no idea what niche means, it basically refers to how broad your focus will be when uploading videos. I recommend that you tackle a very specific topic for each video so that you can get really good at covering just one aspect of it. This will help people find your channel more easily and will also make the content more relevant to viewers – as they’ll know exactly what they’re getting into!

For example, if you had an educational health-focused channel where every video was about diabetes then there’d be little room for confusion or second guessing from people checking out your work. The downside of this is that it might not attract as many viewers who are looking for something lighthearted, but don’t worry about that right now.

Spot On Ways to Make a Living with YouTube

Create Popular, Highly Relatable and Engaging Content

This is the most basic way to make a living with YouTube — creating popular content and uploading it for everyone to see. The more people who watch your videos on YouTube, the more money you get paid per view. You can also create a special channel with many different videos related to the same subject, and make them all public so anyone could find them easily and watch them any time they wish (even if there’s no new video that day).

The best thing about this method is that it doesn’t take much effort on your part — just create the videos and let YouTube do all the work. The fact that you don’t have to take care of anything can be both a blessing and a curse; if your video fails miserably, it’s no big deal because you didn’t spend much effort on it anyway (assuming that you are not charging money for your services).

On the other hand, if your video becomes very popular on YouTube and gets lots of views, then it may attract media attention. If this happens, you may get invited to talk about your various ideas with famous TV shows or radio hosts. Potential clients may also start approaching you by email asking if they could hire you as their spokesperson in return for some amount of money. All these opportunities are there only because someone saw one of your videos.

Offer Free Promotions for Other Content Creators

The next way to make a living with YouTube is to help other people become famous. The general idea is that you post a video as if it were your own and put someone else’s name in the title so that everyone thinks they are watching some new movie clip or song by that person. This will cause lots of people (who don’t realize that they’re actually watching someone else’s content) to click on the title, watch the video, and click again when presented with an advertisement while still on the website.

In return for this free promotion and traffic for their website, those people who posted their content for free would offer you some portion of their earnings, usually 10 to 20 percent of what they earn from all clicks. You get paid more if you convince someone else to join in on the action. It may seem to be a fraudulent system, but it really isn’t because every click they get is fair game; no one gets hurt by this. The downside of this method is that YouTube does not accept this as an official way of monetizing your videos, so you would need another source of income and submit two separate income reports every month regardless if you have any other real profit or not.

Become an Affiliate of Other’s Products or Services

This third method is similar to the previous one — you do not create anything, but merely promote others instead. In addition to uploading someone else’s content on YouTube (which will incur some penalties by the site), there are many ways for promoting other people’s business/products without actually doing it yourself.

You can create YouTube videos reviewing a product or website of your own choice and put the company’s name in the title (even if there’s no actual connection between your video and their products). Another popular way to earn money with YouTube is to promote certain products on social media without actually making any content by yourself.

In order to do this, you would need to become an affiliate for various websites that are willing to pay you for each sale you bring them. This technique has been around since as far back as online advertising started becoming popular, so it is extremely well known; just do some research and find out what promotions are currently available, choose one that you like, sign up for it, make a few presentations about the product, and earn money.

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Feature Your Own Video Content

The fourth way to make a living with YouTube is by featuring your own content in a video that you would have otherwise had to post on some other website using your own account. For example, if you run an online store, creating a video reviewing one of your products may not be as fun as making the video and then uploading it onto YouTube directly from your phone or computer (since no one really wants their videos associated with any personal accounts).

The reason why this is considered so effective nowadays is because not many people still browse through the “video” section under each specific product; most people just type keywords into Google search engine along with the word “videos.” When they do this, YouTube will appear at the top of the page because it’s considered to be the most popular video sharing website (in terms of how many people use it). Thus, if you create a unique video that can attract hundreds, thousands, or even millions of views in no time at all, the company will contact you and make an offer.

If you manage to get lots of money from your videos (either through sponsorships/advertising or sales), they will start offering you more and more jobs because they are in need for someone who is willing to help them market their products. They will offer you more money at any time after that. Also, once your daily views increase; say by 10x or 100x, then the website itself may begin sending you offers on its own accord.

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