What are Other Ways to Make Money on YouTube?

These days, YouTubers are considered self-reliant sensations – they are the people who have earned followers, subscribers and of course the money by creating wholesome video content on the internet. With each 1,000 views you’ll get a relevant payment of $2.00-$4.00 and though it may not seem that much, when you make 100 videos with around 5K views each, then you get an income of $1,000-$2,000. That’s a sure profitable way to make money on YouTube, isn’t it?

make money on YouTube

But lately, it has not been that way as YouTube ruled out that in order for content creators to turn into monetization, they need to have 10,000 lifetime views on their channel. Having a million views is not that straightforward though, however, an income from YouTube does not only come from the ads. There are actually more ways to make money on YouTube, so you better keep reading how to find that out.

1. Promoting your products on YouTube.

If you have your own products, you can promote it and make sales as it is one way to make money on YouTube. A product may mean either an Ebook, music, an art or Apps.

By creating one, you can add it to a shopping cart and use YouTube to promote it then add a link to your video’s explanation for viewers to purchase it. Don’t forget to say thank you for it is not only being courteous but a way to remind people how good your product can be.

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2. YouTube as a way to get traffic to your blog.

When you have a blog or a website and would like to monetize it, you need some traffic. At this point, a way to make money on YouTube is to create a video out of your old content from your blog. Don’t forget to link to your website in the first line of your video description so you can direct your YouTube  traffic in the way it should go, thus it’s not only to recapture traffic but increase it as well.

3. Share your skills or knowledge with tutorials.

Sharing your knowledge and special skilss by teaching others through your video presentation is another way to make money on YouTube. “How To…” tutorials are trending these times especially on make-up and beauty tutorials. You can also share your Do It Yourself arts and crafts, and other useful life hacks. Your channel can also serve as a cooking guide for your favorite food recipes or create a music channel on how to play your favorite instrument. Any crafty and unique idea that comes to mind can make a huge impact to your avid viewers.

4. Become an affiliate marketer or influencer.

When you say affiliate marketer, you are selling a product of another person or of a company for trading of some commissions. There are many companies and ecommerce sites that offer lucrative deals to affiliate marketers or influencers for the promotion of their products and it’s another massive way to make money on YouTube. It’s either you review the product by means of a video or create a “how to use this___ (the product)” tutorial. Don’t forget to link it in your YouTube description otherwise you will not receive a share for the sales.

5. Become a YouTube personality sharing valuable skills or insights.

Be a video star and make money on YouTube, why not? Well if you have some eccentric ideas or are passionate about something then create your YouTube channel. Who knows you may become the next YouTube sensation earning thousands of dollars per month. In YouTube, some of the most viewed videos hitting billions of views are Luis Fonsi’s “Despacito” with more than seven billion views, Ed Sheeran’s hit “Shape of You” with over five billion views and Pinkfong Kids’ most famous “Baby Shark Dance topping the list with a whooping over eight billion views from around the world.

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6. Turn your kids or your pets into top-earning influencers.

You know Forbes magazine once pointed out that you don’t have to be a great singer in order to be a YouTube sensation. Because you can shoot a video of your child or your lovable pets that strikes a note and goes viral. Be on the lookout with your video cam for something sweet, then upload it, you will make a sensation and of course make money on YouTube.

7. Crowdfund your project.

All it takes to make money on YouTube is to put together a strong, captivating idea and its execution into one, and crowdfunding is one brilliant way to bring that into a reality. Crowdfunding is raising or soliciting small amounts of money for support from a large number of people for a project via the internet. Whether  you need help covering production costs for a travel vlog promotion in your area, you can call upon your audience through a video on your project to pitch in if your idea is good enough to captivate visitors and tourists.

make money on Youtube

8. Profits from YouTube Red subscribers.

YouTube Red gets users to pay $9.99 for ad-free viewing, it’s more convenient though, because the viewers won’t have to deal with ads while watching . Even without ads, as a content creator, you can still make extra cash on YouTube and make 55% of revenue based on view time. In YouTube Red, your watch time matters so you have to check your YouTube analytics to see your statistics such as how much watch time you already have and video engagement.

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9. Sell consulting services.

The goal is always to create sustainable revenue streams because it is just tiring and demotivating to go through this period of the pandemic where you do not have revenue coming in for billable work. If you are an expert in your niche then you can sell your consulting services that are relevant to your viewers, charge an hourly rate and make money on YouTube.

10. Sell your merchandise linked to E-commerce.

Do you make trinkets, t-shirts, fashion jewelry or other physical products that are enticing to shoppers? Do you have a taste for design or crafts? If so, you can refer them to an E-commerce platform like Shopify, eBay or Amazon and by then you can make money on YouTube without the ads. You can be an entrepreneur first then venture on becoming a video creator later.

11. License your video content to the media.

Perhaps you are not aware of it but when your video goes viral, every news outlet would be dying to get their copy of it in order to replay it for their own viewers. Media giants like ABC, CBS and Fox are aware that they need to pay for what they use. So as a content creator, licensing your viral work to the media is as simple as an easy find to making money on YouTube.

So there it goes, the 11 ways to make money on YouTube. Becoming a YouTuber sounds like fun but it takes a lot of action to get started. And it also makes sense to make a checklist on your development because by doing so, you’ll know if you are actually making the right move in terms of monetization. Be creative as well because content that comes with a good quality will always attract viewers and you will have an avalanche of returns.

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