Some people wish they could have started blogging a long time ago.

If not for the fact that there were no blogs when they had the inspiration or desire to blog, they’d probably be the most influential bloggers not only in their niche but in all of the entire blogging industry today.

Yet now others are not only not living with what might have been, but also not even paying any attention to it at all.

a man getting started with blogging

Not so long ago, you wanted to blog yet not enough people shared your passion; you ran experiments on various ways readers would come by and read your articles online; not to mention not too long ago, the internet (along with blogging) was not yet as big as it is now.

Why not then? People were not ready, or did not have enough initiative to blog yet that also makes me wonder why they had not created blogs from the beginning if it was that important. If you asked someone about what blogs are a few years ago, most would probably tell you that they’re either online diaries written by teenagers who want to share their thoughts with no one in particular, OR simply low-quality pieces of content whose purpose is solely to increase search engine traffic on a certain website.

Any guesses if way back then that was not the case at all? People would not have considered these things before writing blog articles, and not because they didn’t know about them. Before, blog owners were not THAT concerned with search engine optimization or page views (except for e-commerce websites which always had this as their main goal). There were also no posts regarding tips on how to make your blog popular, get more subscribers than you can count in one hand, and eventually become super rich with blogging.

Believe it or not, way before, bloggers were just normal people not looking to make a living out of blogging, something most successful bloggers already saw as not just a hobby, but an opportunity – not implying there is anything wrong with wanting to be financially rewarded for hard work though.

Blogging is Not All That Complicated

It’s very simple to start blogging. And you don’t really need a degree in blogging either; I remember when blogging was considered something of a fancy profession, not so long ago. It probably still means that to some people these days. But recently, it became easier and simpler for anyone with any computer knowledge who has an idea on what he/she wants to write.

After all, blogging is basically just writing your thoughts and ideas – there are no rules! In blogging, though there are definitely things that make sense, like proper spelling and grammar, which is something every blogger should obviously keep in mind if he or she doesn’t want his/her blog  to go nowhere.

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Blogging Industry Exploded Through the Years

What happened through the years? I believe it was something big which had not happened in its entirety not long ago. An explosion of bloggers!

That’s right! Nowadays, you cannot go anywhere without stumbling upon another blogger and his/her website. These days you can run into a blogger at almost any place: restaurants, bars, clubs, even parties or social gatherings where “real people” are found. The lines between real life and blogging are not that clear anymore, because even though before blogging was not a common type of job for people to have, blogging these days have now become a part of everyday life!

How about you just get started blogging today? What’s the difference? I don’t see any changes coming up not too far in the future. Bloggers and readers are happy with how it is right now. Non-blogger internet users will still never stop reading blogs or go back to “real life” just because they’re tired of reading them all over the place anymore. Right? How on Earth will that ever happen when the internet is now the biggest resource for knowledge? It’s more than just a library!

Before, others were saying that somehow, blogging won’t last and it’s just a phase. I’m glad I have a mindset that sees opportunities and not excuses and since then built multiple websites that constantly grow and generate extra cash for real.

Why You Should Start Blogging Now

It’s easy to start blogging now. As long as someone can get online and has some time on their hands , they have everything they need  to get started blogging right away. This obviously includes access to the internet (something I assume will be around for many more years) but also might include mobile devices like smartphones or tablets; blogging platforms like Blogger, WordPress or Tumblr support blogging right from your phone.

Blogging is easy to do and doesn’t require any huge investment so anyone can start blogging anytime. Yes, you don’t really need that expensive laptop or desktop computer (though they are necessary) because blogging can be done through your cell phone too if you choose to blog on the go. If you like writing then there’s no need for you to worry about technology either because it only requires very little technical expertise.

Blogging won’t even cost much if any at all especially when you consider how many opportunities it has to offer. It will in due time give you a sense of purpose and allows you to express your feelings, opinion and thoughts on an online or virtual setting which is something most blogging beginners enjoy. Blogging also encourages introverts who might find it difficult to socialize with others by writing and sharing what they can on the net. It can be done from anywhere in the world at any time (even while traveling abroad) and allows us to connect with family, friends and even people living thousands of miles away.

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Blogging as a Profitable Source of Income

Getting rich with blogging  is not impossible as well. The key is to earn money blogging in the right way, by writing high quality content and promoting your blog articles on search engines so that people find your valuable information.

The basics of making money with a blog are quite straightforward: you need to attract visitors to your website, convert them into subscribers and get them to subscribe for premium services (if they don’t want to come back for free). Like other methods of income generation from home, it takes time and effort until you start seeing the returns, but if you’re prepared to put in hard work and daily effort, then you can earn money blogging.

While starting a blog can be inconvenient and tiresome because of the blogging tools and platforms you need to invest in, once your blog is up and running, blogging becomes an easy hobby that doesn’t take much time at all. If you don’t have the extra cash to buy blogging tools right now, there’s nothing stopping you from producing quality content using free blogging software (I recommend Blogger) until you’re able to splurge on blogging tools of your own.

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Taking advantage of technology allows blogging to happen in ways that aren’t possible with other methods of content production. For example, imagine putting pen-to-paper immediately after getting an idea for your blog post; don’t you think it would be difficult? Being able to take advantage of this technology gives owners of blogs virtually limitless possibilities for what they can do.

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