How to Buy NFTs: Five Steps for the New Investor

If you’re thinking about how to buy NFTs or investing considerably in the non-fungible token market, you’re certainly not alone. 

Buying an NFT can be risky, and going into the investment sector with your eyes wide open is essential to purchasing NFTs worth the money you’re spending.

Here are five steps to help you purchase your first NFT without the added stress.

Step One: Cryptocurrency

The first step you need to take before purchasing an NFT is to find a reliable and popular cryptocurrency and buy some. Along with this, you also need to have a secure cryptocurrency wallet to hold your crypto purchase.

Choosing an NFT marketplace is your next step and one of the most important. You want a trustworthy, secure site to buy your first NFT.

Step Two: Choose an NFT Marketplace

According to Decrypt, these top three sites will make purchasing your first NFT super easy.   1. OpenSea  2. Axie Marketplace  3. Crypto Punks/Larva Labs 

Step Two: Choose an NFT Marketplace

Step Three: Check and Double-Check

According to Alexander Kap, losing digital currency is far easier than it might seem. So when you are buying your Etherium, double and triple-check the addresses you’re sending it to. 

Knowing which NFT you’d like to purchase can significantly reduce the stress of finalizing the transaction. So, how do you choose? - Money – The first item to tick off your list is your budget.

Step Four: Find Your NFT

Pick One or Ten – Once you have your price range in mind, you’ll need to distinguish what sort of NFT you’d like to purchase and from whom.  

Step Four: Find Your NFT

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