How to Retire Early and Why it Won’t Matter

Six months after taking my first job as a corporate accountant, all I could think about was how to retire early and ditch the 9-to-5 rat race. 

Early retirement might not mean what you think. Follow these steps to retire early and find your financial freedom.

How to Retire Early…or not at All

While you may cut back on your weekly schedule for more travel or other activities, “work” basically just becomes something you do as a hobby and wouldn’t think about quitting. 

It takes a few years to save the money and build your hobby job into something you can do full-time but having a goal during that time helps to make it so much easier.

The upside is that by saving a little extra each month and investing responsibly, you can reach financial freedom well before the normal age of retirement. 

Putting Your Retire Early Fund to Work

Combine this $800 a month with 25 hours a week of your hobby-job making $20 an hour and you’ll have nearly $35,000 a year to cover expenses.

 That’s not too bad considering you’re now doing what you enjoy and only spending 25 hours a week “working.”

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