Invest in Your Child’s Future by Teaching Saving

Children hear about the importance of saving continuously but fewer are the lessons on how to create a budget that helps them save money. 

Today’s essay is by Chelsea York, a student at the University of Arizona. She shares how her mother taught her to create a budget that makes saving possible and how to invest in her future.

Learning to Save from Childhood

Throughout my whole childhood, my mother raised my brother and myself on her own. Whether her career in accounting led her to be gifted in the field of personal finance, or if it was from her own skills, I am grateful. 

From a young age, my mother would always encourage me to compare prices whenever we went shopping together. It taught me that those that are the most expensive are not always the greatest. 

Investing in My Future by Saving

Growing up, my brother and I were fortunate enough to receive a monthly allowance from our grandparents.  With my mother’s help, I opened up a savings account and put a portion of my allowance into it every month. 

As I got older and wanted to start taking money out of that savings account, she warned me about the risks behind withdrawing too much money and using it just to splurge myself. 

She told me that having some sort of budget in mind when withdrawing money was important, as to avoid taking out too much and not having enough when I really needed it. 

Budgeting to Save 30% of Income

At the beginning of each month I calculate how much I will need for whatever bills I might have, and make a higher estimate than normal for potential gas expenditure just to be on the safe side. 

From whatever money is left over after that calculation, about 30% of it goes into my savings account, and I allow the rest to reside in my checking’s account.

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