6-Month Plan to Starting a Blog

Planning is the key to any successful blog. A blogging plan holds you accountable and ensures that you are on track with your goals and putting your best work out there.

Getting started blogging can be overwhelming and when new bloggers see how much their visitor traffic is growing (or isn’t growing) in those first few months, they give up.

Making money blogging is within your reach but you have to learn how to prioritize and let go during those first few months.

Blogging Plan Month 1:

Spend your first month laying everything out, what you’ll write about and learning how blogging works. Get website hosting and other online tools you’ll need to make everything easier.

Blogging Plan Month 2: 

Create social media profiles for your blog and start getting social. Post once a day on Facebook and LinkedIn, four or more times on Twitter and social bookmark new articles on sites like StumbleUpon and Tumblr.

Blogging Plan Month 3: 

Understand the ways bloggers make money and put together a plan. Google Adsense is easy to start but you’ll make less than $0.01 per page view. Affiliate sales and your own products take longer but you can make much more.

Blogging Plan Month 4:

Learn how to get Google love with on-page SEO by making your articles stand out to the world’s largest search engine.

Even the success I’ve had blogging, I couldn’t have done it without self-publishing and freelancing. You’ll find faster money in those two sources and a great way to supplement your blogging income when it picks up.

Blogging Plan Month 5:

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