10 Common Habits of Highly Productive Remote Workers

Struggling with productivity these days? Follow these habits of highly productive remote workers.

Are you a remote worker who is always feeling drained, pressured and under a lot of stress? Are you wondering how the people around you seem to have all the energy in the world and are not only getting their job done, but getting it completed so quickly and easily that they seem to have time to actually live and enjoy free time with their family and friends? 

If this sounds like you, you’ve come to the right place! There are so many benefits to working from home, but to fully enjoy and reap the benefits of the remote work life, you need to understand how to spend your time efficiently. Especially if you want to ensure a healthy work-life balance.

In this article I will be diving into the best kept secrets of all those remote workers who just seem to be doing it right! I will fill you in on all of the various tips and tricks of how to get that energy and focus back to reclaim your life! Remote work should not be a chore! It should allow for increased freedom if done correctly. 

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It’s also important to note, that as our world continues to progress in a digital manner, more and more companies are going to begin employing remote work positions. With this becoming the new norm, it’s better to learn sooner rather than later how to work effectively from a remote location to increase focus, productivity and most importantly, energy. 

I’ve already given you my personal productivity tips that I have learned over the years working as a professional Youtuber, Blogger and Freelancer, but let’s dive deeper into what research has shown about the most highly productive remote workers. 

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1) Only Focus on One Task at a Time   

Research has shown that multitasking can do more harm than good for both your brain and your career according to research conducted by Stanford University. Although you may believe otherwise, researchers have proven time and time again that your brain can only give great focus to one task at a time. Although you may think that you can multitask, the truth is that your brain cannot perform all the tasks as effectively as it as it is hindering your cognitive processing. If you truly want to be producing your best work and finishing it in a timely manner, do not multitask. A great way to help you stay on top of this is to use time-blocks. Block off times for certain tasks by setting timers for yourself. Focus solely on one task for your set period and when your timer goes off you can switch to the next thing. 

2)  Start and end your days earlier 

You will find that the most successful people in the world starting their days bright and early at 5am. They do this because they know that they will have between 3-4 hours of complete undisturbed time to themselves before others are awake and filling up their inbox. Some examples of highly productive people who swear by waking up early:

  • Apple CEO Tim Cook starts his mornings at 3:45am
  • Michelle Obama is up and working out by 4:30am 
  • CEO of Twitter and Square, Jack Dorsey, is up by 5:30 for a run 
  • Shark Tank Investor Kevin O’Leary is up at 5:45am

Research has proven that waking up early provides more energy, as sleep inertia which is the slow-moving period between your sleep-induced brain fog and full awakeness can last anywhere from 2-4 hours. If you’re up early, you can be sure that by the time your day truly starts, you will be at your best level of energy which will translate to productivity. Waking early will also give you a chance to fuel your body with a proper breakfast and exercise before your day begins.

3) Exercise

Unsurprisingly, a study conducted by EmeraldInsight, has shown that exercise can drastically improve productivity in workers! This study showed that not only did implementing an exercise regime improve people’s overall mood and well-being, but it also improved their time management and ability to get through their workload efficiently by 72%! There is very simple reasoning to these findings. It has been well known for a long time that exercise has the ability to improve people’s energy levels as your body releases what I like to call ‘happy chemicals’ called endorphins. These endorphins will also aid in combating stress and battling fatigue. I think we can all agree that when we’re feeling happier, it’s much easier to be productive with our work! 

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4) Keep Your Desk/Workspace Clean

We all know that common saying, “a cluttered desk creates a cluttered mind.” It has been proven that for many people, this is actually very true. Whether it be your office, your desk or even the tabs or documents open on your computer screen, it’s difficult to work in a productive manner when you’re surrounded by mess. I mean let’s be honest, the more ‘stuff’ surrounding you, the more distracted you will be! Out of sight, out of mind, right? It is equally as important, to correctly outfit your office space with all the various tools you will need to stay organized! Check out my list of work from home office must haves.

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5) Take Advantage of Digital Tools

One of the toughest parts about transitioning into a remote work lifestyle is keeping yourself organized and productive while remaining sane, as these things sure do take a lot of effort when you have nobody around you to help you out or keep you on track. Thankfully, there are so many new applications and platforms that remote workers can now use to their advantage to stay organized! Having the right tools in front of you can really make your life so much easier. Automate your work rather than taking 

up space in your brain that has a million other things to think about! You can check out my article on the 20 most useful work from home apps that will change your life! 

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6) Eat Well

As researched by the World Health Organization (WHO), we can boost our brain power by up to 20% by simply eating the correct foods! This is why highly productive people often have incredibly well thought out and healthy diets. If you don’t like the idea of taking breaks to make your food, set aside a day or half a day where you can meal prep for your whole week and choose the foods you consume wisely. Incorporating as many superfoods as you can and avoiding sugary treats is a great place to start. Additionally, studies have shown that under no circumstance should you skip a meal if you want to maintain your consistent level of energy and efficiency. Skipping a meal will cause fatigue and brain fog, which is going to do the exact opposite of increasing productivity! 

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7) Make Goals That are Clear and Well Defined

Some of the most successful people in the world who have perfected their habits of increasing productivity consistently set SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-Based) for themselves. Whether this is weekly, daily, or even monthly it is so important to have a set, defined list of the goals and tasks you need to achieve in each time period.   

8) Treat Yourself 

Your brain is just another muscle in your body that needs to be trained! Improve your work ethic and increase productivity by training your brain through rewards and positive reinforcement. This will create a positive cycle, where each time you finish and task you know you will be rewarded so you feel encouraged and motivated to get it done in a timely matter rather than procrastinating. This system will also make you feel more inclined to continue your next task rather than take an unnecessary break. Always celebrate yourself just like you would another person. You deserve it!

9) Learn to Say No

The most productive workers are not afraid to say “no.” They have a very good knowing of what their time is worth and they view it as something that cannot just be handed out freely. They protect their time as if it was their child and they certainly do not feel guilty doing this. If you are asked to get a project or task done to meet a deadline that you know you cannot meet, do not say yes. Most employers or clients will prefer someone who is honest with what they can and cannot do, as opposed to a “yes man” that will consistently not be able to complete something that they said they could. It’s very easy for a company to delegate tasks elsewhere, but it makes life very difficult when an employer says they can have something done by a certain deadline, only to find out it has not been completed or it or to not complete to a high enough standard. 

It is equally as important to learn how to effectively delegate tasks when you know you just simply do not have the time for them. Fiverr.com makes this easy! You can simply sign up to Fiverr for free and instantly be connected with millions of freelancers that can take on just about any job imaginable at a low cost. 

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10) Take Your Breaks Strategically 

Even the most productive workers take breaks. If you believe that you can work eight hours straight while remaining focused, productive, and efficient you are mistaken. This is why taking breaks is so important even if they are only a few minutes long. Taking breaks to stretch your legs, have a drink of water, meditate, or do some stretching can be incredibly beneficial to recharge your brain and increase your productivity. This will reset your brain and allow you to renew your focus and rid any oncoming distractions. There are several methods you can utilize for strategically planning out your breaks such as the  Pomodoro Technique. This technique suggests that for every 25 minutes of focused work you complete, you take a 5-minute break to reset. This should help you avoid potential distractions and maintain clarity while working long hours. 

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