The Secret to Getting More Value Out of Your Money

Saving money is no fun! Even if you have a clear mental picture of your financial goals, living within a budget is still tough.

The average American household is swamped with debt from overspending. 

Sometimes it seems the best you can hope for is to spend within your income, let alone have any left for saving and paying off the mountain of debt. 

What is Frugal Living?

Frugality is all about aligning your life towards what you want and saving money in some areas so you can spend on the ones that are important to you. 

The way to do that is finding what's most important to you and tracking your spending. 

How to Change Your Spending Habits

Write down everything you spend and then look for one way that you can start saving money; one way. 

Spending Money on Things that Have More Value for YOU

So many times we think that we have to cut back on everything right away and go cold turkey many times does not work. So find one thing that you can cut back on; one thing. And work on that for a week, work on that for a month and see what you can do to cut back. 

If you're successful, which I believe that you will be most of the time, that gives you confidence. You use that confidence to find another thing to cut back on. And over time, you're going to find things that you can live without and other things that are important to you. 

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