Simple Money Lessons My Dad Taught Me

Personal finance is a huge subject and not just the basic budgeting and saving concepts many try passing on to their kids. 

One student shares how her dad taught her about saving, budgeting, making money and investing.

What My Dad Taught Me about Personal Finance

Growing up I never lived a lavish lifestyle, but I had a great childhood. I remember my trips to Disneyland, Great America, Six Flags, Raging Waters, and so many more. 

My parents didn’t understand the whole “name brand” thing so our clothes were always budget friendly and whatever was saved on clothes and shoes was used to finance our trips or “extra” things that were not part of the regular monthly bills. 

Budgeting Every Shopping Trip to Save Money Everyday

Another technique that I got specifically from my dad is to go in to the store knowing how much you want to spend and stick with that number. 

Using Credit as a Financial Tool

Another big thing that my dad taught me was the importance of having good credit. Good credit is the key to getting a new car, house, appliances, and any other big items. 

Making More Money Makes it Easier to Save

For as long as I can remember my dad has always been finding ways to make extra cash. He claims he has many talents and I believe him. He’s a great mechanic, landscaper, plumber, and even a great tailor. 

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