The Scariest Online Business Idea You Need to Start NOW!

Starting a YouTube business online is the scariest thing you need to do right now!

Starting your own business is scary enough but there’s one online idea that will have most people sleeping with the lights on…but that will also change your life.

In this video, I’m going to show you how starting a YouTube channel will double- even triple- your income. I’ll give you five steps to get started and three secrets to growing your channel fast.

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How a YouTube Business will Change Your Life

Nation, when most people think of the things that scare them most, getting up in front of a room full of people ranks right up there with heights and blood-sucking unicorns. Three-in-four people say getting in front of a group to speak scares the bejeezus out of them.

Now imagine getting in front of a camera, posting that video for the entire world and waiting for about 14 billion judgmental eyes…I mean, check out some of the constructive criticism you’ll get, “Clown in a Bow Tie,” and Frank here wouldn’t trust me to pick up his dog’s turds. but at least Jimmy’s is short and sweet.

But YouTube has changed my life. It’s more than doubled my monthly income, from averaging five grand a month online to average over twelve-grand through 2019 and climbing. I’ve reached nearly five million people over the last year and made sixty-one grand on YouTube ads alone.

How to Grow a YouTube Business Fast
How to Grow a YouTube Business Fast

I promise you, give me eight minutes and I will show you how YouTube will change your life as well.

I’ll show you why everyone, whether you’re a camera-shy nerd like myself or a tech newbie, needs to start a YouTube channel. I’ll show you exactly how to get started and then reveal three rules to growing your channel and making money.

I’m also going to be post below, the link to a free webinar on my favorite three hacks to grow your channel. The webinar is totally free and you’ll pick up some great ideas whether you’ve already got a channel or are just getting started so look for that link in the description below.

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Why Everyone Needs a YouTube Channel

Now I don’t want to preach to the choir here on why you need a YouTube channel. If you’ve already got a business, whether it’s online or not, you have to be using video. There is no better way to create that face-to-face relationship with people.

I’ve been running my own online business since 2012 and had my own blogs from 2014 but as an old equity analyst, I never felt like I was able to get my personality across in writing. It’s just how I was trained as an analyst, all fact and no opinion.

But with video here, I can get across my beliefs, my opinions, and create a community around the channel.

Even if you don’t have your own business, maybe you just want to make a little money on the side…or a LOT of money on the side, you can do everything I’m going to show you on as little as five to ten hours a week, max.

Finally, and I feel like as the channel grows this is what I get most out of it, is YouTube gives you the opportunity to reach and connect with millions of people. I mean, yeah the money is great but I was already doing that with other online businesses and did well as an analyst. With the channel here on YouTube, I can build a community around the idea of helping people create something bigger for themselves and their family.

The Easy Way to Start Making Videos on YouTube

Now getting started on YouTube is going to be easier than you imagined and one of the tips I’ll share towards the end of the video is going to make it even easier.

Shooting your first videos, I don’t want you to rush out and buy an expensive camera. You can make professional-looking videos with your smartphone and a lapel mic.

That lapel mic will cost thirty-bucks at the most and if you don’t have some good natural sunlight where you’re shooting, you can get a good ring light on Amazon for less than fifty dollars. Just these two though, that lapel mic for crystal-clear sound and the lighting, are all you need.

Once you’ve got the hardware ready, it’s time to pick a topic and then narrow it down to what’s called a niche. That’s just a fancy word for the specific subjects you’ll be talking about or the group of people you’ll be talking to in your videos.

So for example, you don’t want to just talk about whatever is on your mind or even a broad topic like personal finance. You need to narrow it down a little; for example what we do here on the channel talking about investing and making money.

Picking that niche is important because it’s much easier to become the expert in a smaller theme than trying to be a jack-of-all trades in a broad topic. It also helps connect with a group of people.

After picking your niche, check out a few channels similar to yours. Just search on YouTube for keywords or ideas around your topic and see what channels pop up frequently in results. Look around a little, click on the videos tab here in the menu and sort by most popular to find the hottest themes in the topic or just see what trends the channel is covering.

Finally here and this is going to be one of those three tips I’ll share next, but just make a few notes on what you want to talk about in a video and get recording. Seriously, do not overcomplicate this because it will ruin your day.

Just think through a video idea, maybe one of the ideas you saw was working on other channels, outline the basic talking points you want to cover, and start recording.

Click to reserve your spot at the FREE YouTube Quick-start Webinar! I’m sharing three strategies that helped me grow my YouTube channel and double my business income. I guarantee they WILL work for you. Seats are limited for the webinar, so make sure you reserve yours.

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3 Tips to Be Successful on YouTube

Now I want to share those three tips for being as successful as possible with your channel, getting as many views and making as much money as possible.

And this first one is related to that last idea of just getting started. I want you to do five videos, just record them quick, don’t worry about editing and just post them on your channel.

Unless you’re Martin Scorsese, these probably won’t be great videos but they will be fast, easy and they will get you started. Because as easy as it is to grow a YouTube channel, I’d say about 90% of the people that start one, never even publish one video.

I’ve seen it too often. People that could have great channels, they want their first videos to be perfect. They want them to look every bit as good as they see on channels that have been around for years.

So they sit down to record…and first it takes two hours to record a five-minute video. They get tongue-tied or frustrated or just want to start over after every mistake. THEN…if they’re ever able to get a video recorded, it takes another three hours to edit because they want it to look perfect and have lots of cute graphics.

So they finally get this five-hours of work on their channel…and all of five people watch the video…and three of those views are their mother, their father and the head-shrink trying to talk them off the ledge.

You can be successful on YouTube but you have to get started and you have to stick with it. That means making these first videos as easy as possible, getting them done and learning with each one you do.

So yeah, just bullet out a few things you want to cover in each video. Get your lights out, plug in your mic and record all the way through. Don’t stop for ums or mistakes.

Now good editing is important but I don’t want you to worry about that yet. I want you to make these first videos easy and get them online.

Our next success tip here is to learn the business of YouTube. And what I mean here is how creators get their videos seen and how they make money.

You cannot just rely on ads to make money on YouTube. The average rate YouTube pays is around a third of a penny per view which means even on a video with 100,000 views, you’re only making about three hundred bucks.

how much does youtube pay channels per view
How Much Does YouTube Pay per View?

Devote an hour or two each week to learning the different income sources YouTubers use like affiliate marketing, sponsorships and how to create their own products.

Next here, and this is going to sound like more work, but it will hugely affect your success. You have to leverage your channel with a blog or website. Even adding this, you can do everything you need in less than five or ten hours a week. But the point is, with a website, you’ll have your own piece of digital real estate.

You’ll probably see most of your traffic and money come from YouTube but you also have a site you control and can use to make that connection with people. You’re not at the mercy of YouTube or Google for when they decide to change the rules.

Click to reserve your spot at the FREE YouTube Quick-start Webinar! I’m sharing three strategies that helped me grow my YouTube channel and double my business income. I guarantee they WILL work for you. Seats are limited for the webinar, so make sure you reserve yours.

Starting a YouTube channel can be scary and will definitely be frustrating at times but it is so worth it! Even beyond getting 1,000 subscribers to monetize your channel, you’ll make more money than you imagine and can build a community of subscribers that will astound.

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