11 Life-Changing Things That People Wish They Had Tried Sooner

Nobody’s perfect, and not everyone can immediately recognize the things that no longer serve them. Some people even cling to their mistakes for too long, causing themselves harm. Finding the way to light is much easier said than done. Realizations like this are wonderful because they push us to improve ourselves.

Do you have some things that you wish you had done sooner? Continue reading this blog for more about healing and becoming the best version of yourself.

1. Breakups

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Although parting ways is a painful and traumatizing experience that will haunt you for months or years, some goodbyes are necessary to teach us something.

“My ex was a good person—I would not say a bad word about her, but I stayed in the relationship way longer than I should have despite not having anything in common and not being happy just because I didn’t think I could attract anyone else,” one person shared.

A second person replied, “Me too. Funny thing is, now she, I, and my wife are wonderful friends. Sometimes marriage just doesn’t work even though they try hard. Married 17 years, but our best 5 have been since divorced.”

Another commenter added, “Came here to say this. When I was in my relationship of 5 years, I became too comfortable in just trying to have fun. I became too comfortable in everything really actually (love, getting out of shape, messy, wasting time playing video games, drinking). It wasn’t until she left me that I realized what I was left with. Nothing. No goals, no job, no ambition, wasted time.”

2. Moving Into a Steady-Paced Job That Respects Work-Life Balance

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It’s 2023, and employees want a different job environment where they don’t have to be exhausted at the end of every day or beset with anxiety attacks due to work.

“I was at a cut-throat tech company that was running a million miles an hour to grow as fast as possible. The strain it took on my mental health surprised me. I’ve never been prone to anxiety or panic attacks, but it showed up after about a year at this job and made life hell. Now—it’s a totally different story. I can think clearly, actually talk to coworkers and peers, and have a life away from work. 10/10 would recommend,” one person shared after moving to a different job environment.

The second person replied, “Same here; I didn’t know I was burned out (salaried IT) until I quit to go back to school during COVID season. Legit would clock in at 9 am, clock out at 6 pm and continue working until 9 pm, sometimes 10/11 pm if client issues [weren’t] resolved. After I quit, I had two full months where all I did was eat takeout, sleep, and watch anime because I just had no motivation to do anything (not even to cook).”

3. Getting Sober

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Giving something up to want a better life for yourself is a different level of self-care. Getting sober is no joke when you have been a heavy drinker for a few years or even just several months. However, it’s still actionable and usually leads to incredible results.

One person said, “I’m 6 days in, and it’s the longest I’ve had in years. I’m already blown away by how much time there is in a day.”

Another Redditor replied, “Congrats! 63 days here. I feel so much better.”

Finally, a third commenter added, “Same!! About four years now. Not easy, but it’s worth it. Congrats!!”

4. Drinking More Water and Replacing Late-Night Soda With Tea

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We are what we eat. If you want a healthy body and a strong immune system, giving up a few things that slowly destroy the body is always worth the sacrifice.

“Honestly, once you go a few weeks without soda, you will wonder why you liked the stuff in the first place,” one person stated.

“I’ve been going with cans of sparkling water. Really helped me quit soda to have a direct replacement,” another commenter replied.

5. Losing Weight

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One person said, “Weight loss. It’s not an exaggeration to say it improves every single aspect of your life.”

A second commenter added, “Yes. It’s seriously so hard to even explain. I was pretty overweight but not quite obese. Life was tricky; I was an odd-looking teen. Then I lost all my excess weight, and became pretty damn skinny. And the amount of people that were more interested in me jumped immensely. From women, to just random people. Job interviews were better, random compliments on the street. It really does change everything. Glad I got to counting my calories. After that, it was only a matter of time. And for people trying to lose weight, diet is much more important than exercise. The science is pretty concrete on that. ‘You can’t outrun a bad diet.’ Good luck to anyone out there. It’s so worth it.”

The third one added, “100% this. For me, it’s a little bit different, it’s reaching a healthy weight that made me just stop thinking about how my body looked. I didn’t think it’s possible for me to go out and enjoy life without thinking about my body, but it is. Getting your body right does wonders:).”

6. Realizing That Other’s Feelings Aren’t Your Responsibility

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Don’t get yourself involved in other people’s business. If it’s none of your concern, leave it as that. Let the person be held accountable instead of always helping them.

One person shared, “Realizing that in most instances, the feelings of others are not my responsibility, and I don’t have to carry that burden.”

“Working on this myself, as well as self-esteem,” another user replied.

“Ding ding ding. This one right here,” a third commenter added in agreement.

7. Exercising

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One person stated, “Exercise 100%. I wish I had started in my early teens, and I wish I had exercised some measure when eating. I think I recently saw this girl called LeanBeefPatty that said you should ideally aim at 6-8/10 in a scale of fullness. I’ve been living my life going for a 12 every time.”

A second commenter replied, “I lost 40 pounds in the last year. Yes, about the eating. I’ve been doing intermittent fasting: 8 hours to eat, 16 to fast. It’s amazing how it recalibrates your ideas about how much food you need. Also, it’s easy because I’ll think: should I have a snack? Well, what time is it?”

8. Meditation

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The first person stated, “Meditation. Absolutely annoying at first but changes everything.”

The second one replied, “Agreed. It IS annoying at first, then the thoughts fade away, and you feel like you’re floating. Bliss.”

Finally, the third one added, “Yes. It is hard to explain just what it can do, and it does not always feel good, but it can do incredible things.”

9. Money Management

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With inflation and the cost of living soaring up, it’s best to learn how to manage your money well so you don’t have to live paycheck to paycheck.

One person shared, “Learning how to manage my money. I used to spend everything I had on whatever I wanted. I was never taught how to save money. Now it’s so satisfying to have savings. Something as simple as making a sandwich instead of getting fast food can really add up. And when payday comes around, I transfer whatever is left in my checking account to my savings account.”

The second one replied, “Best thing I ever did was start saving to pay off $22,000 in debt last year. Starting 2023 debt free!”

Finally, a third commenter added, “Agreed! I used to blow my money now I’m living on a budget and saving 15% of my gross annually; it’s life-changing, no financial stresses anymore, and I can actually talk budget with my wife and not get annoyed by it.”

10. Learning to Say “No”

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Some people are born people-pleasers. If you’re unable to say no, then maybe it’s time you did. Learn to say no and prioritize your mental peace.

One person expressed, “Learning to say no. And that ‘No.’ is a complete sentence.”

A second one replied, “My followup when people continue ‘negotiating’ after I say No is ‘Which part of No did you not understand?’ That usually ends the conversation.”

11. Getting off From TikTok

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One person said, “Getting off TikTok. Once I realized how often I was being triggered by content, I deleted the app and never looked back. I’m so much happier, spending less money, and grateful for what I have rather than trying to keep up with the Joneses. I’ve also finished a stack of books I’ve been waiting to read!”

Another user replied, “I can relate, [TikTok and Instagram] are huge ‘I need this’ boosters. They create the urge to possess and wind up consumerism. You may resist most of the time, but then you enter the store, and it hits you, ‘I need that freaking pan.’”

A third commenter added, “Same. TikTok just triggered me every time I got on there. My anxiety [would] go through the roof. Been off of the site for a week now. I opened the app today and put my phone down a few minutes later lol. All folks do on there is argue.”

Source: Reddit.

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