8 “Hot” Celebrities that People Don’t Find Attractive

While beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder, some celebrities are much more universally seen as attractive than others. And sometimes even if a celebrity has landed numerous major roles and achieved great success as an actor, many of us just don't find them particularly attractive. 

Here are the top eight celebrities we have curated.

1. Blake Shelton 

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“Remember when Blake Shelton was named sexiest man alive and literally not a single person agreed?” posted a Redditor. 

Another Redditor responded, “LOL. My mom is a huge country fan, and even she was like… I don't think they looked at all the options for the sexiest man alive…”

“I'm sure he paid very well for that title he purchased,” added a third commenter.

“He paid very handsomely,” someone replied. 

2. Chrissy Teigen

Christine Diane Teigen is a model and television personality from the US. She made her professional modeling debut in the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2014.

One user shared, “Chrissy Teigen: never found her attractive in the slightest.” 

“I've seen her a few times in this thread. I've never heard of her, but after some Googling: No, she is not attractive. She looks like someone else's face is stuck onto her head. They don't match at all,” another user responded. 

Another Redditor commented, “She's ugly on the inside too.”

3. Kim Kardashian

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A Redditor posted, “As a straight guy, I never understood how people drool over Kim Kardashian.” 

“I'm so confused why people are saying Pete Davidson is some sort of women maestro for dating Kim when it's clearly just two rich dummies being dumb together,” replied one user. 

A user added, “I saw her s*x tape when it first came out, and she looked like a naturally pretty girl. Now her face is all plastic.”

4. Paris Hilton

“I never got the whole Paris Hilton thing. Either purely on looks or the whole package, including ‘personality,'” one user posted. 

Another Redditor replied, “‘Don't forget to PARTY and be super lame to everyone!' South Park.”

“A lot of it was PR. A LOT of celebutantes work with the paparazzi, let them know where they'll be, who they'll be with, etc. It's a paycheck for the pap and free publicity for the pseudo-celeb,” a third commenter added. 

5. John Legend

One Redditor said, “John Legend. His face looks way too young, like he's 12.”

Another user replied, “Someone once wrote somewhere that he looks like Arthur, the aardvark, and now I can never not see that.”

Another user also reacted, “why did you have to put that curse upon me? I can't unsee it now.”

6. Jared Leto

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Jared Joseph Leto is a musician and actor. He has garnered several awards throughout his three-decade career, including an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award, for his method of acting in a range of roles.

“Jared Leto. That guy is creepy!” a user posted. Another shared, “His eyes are too close together, and he always has this vacant ‘I'm high off pills' expression. Also, his personality is trash, and he dresses like my grandma.”

7. Adam Levine

One user shared, “Adam Levine. He looks like a Chipotle bag when he's shirtless.”

“He always reminded me of what a corporation would make for a ‘bad boy,'” a second Redditor added. 

Another user replied, “Store brand bad boy.” 

The actor was also entangled in an affair last year with an Instagram influencer.

8. Ed Sheeran 

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Ed Sheeran is a famous English musician who has influenced many listeners with his songs.

A Reddit user posted, “Ed Sheeran Looks like Sid the sloth to me, but for some reason, my friends swoon every time he's on TV, but his eyes are in different postcodes.”

Another one added, “Wait, there are people that actually find him attractive? I thought they just liked his music.”

Do you have a celebrity of your own to add? Check this thread for more!

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