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7 of the Weirdest Movies People Have Ever Seen

Movies are great because they can transport us to a world and environment that is different from our day-to-day existence. Some movies take it a step too far, and become ... Read more

11 Times Women Ruled the Screen: Strong Female Characters in Movies and TV Shows

It’s nothing new to have a lead man with macho bravado energy ready to beat the bad guys and protect his girl or the innocents. However, having a female with ... Read more

Can You Actually Earn Money With the Steady App

The U.S. has become a nation of side hustlers and freelancers. With an uncertain economy, nearly 50% of Americans engage in side hustles for extra money, and as of this ... Read more

29 Apps That Pay Instantly to Cash App

Earning money in your spare time by playing games, watching videos, or taking surveys was relatively unknown just a few years ago. While it may sound like a dream or, ... Read more

44% of the Population Blames Inflation on Price Gouging

Inflation is a big deal for consumers. It impacts the price they will pay for consumer goods. Since inflation is calculated as an aggregate for a basket of goods that ... Read more

3 Ways to Make Money on Audible Starting Today

If you’re considering a new side hustle or online business, working with Amazon’s Audible can be a great option — or, rather, several great options. There are multiple ways to ... Read more

Remote Work Is Changing the Fabric of American Families

You may not be changing your pants as much since working from home, but you could be changing your family dynamics and relationships. Recent research confirms what many workers have ... Read more
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Can Money Buy Happiness? New Study Reveals Surprising Findings

It seems as though money can buy happiness. It has always been said that Individuals should never measure their happiness by the amount of wealth they possess, but researchers from ... Read more

Nearly 40% Of Teens Find Social Media Drama “Overwhelming”

Ever since social media started gaining popularity in the early 2010s, parents across the country have been worrying about the impact of social media on their children, especially their teens. ... Read more

Will Inflation Be the Straw That Breaks the American Middle Class?

Few Americans not currently attending a quarterly earnings call have anything positive to say about the ongoing slope of inflation in the US. Still, few can decisively predict the long-term ... Read more
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