With the upcoming presidential debates scheduled between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, it’s essential to consider how fact-checkers will play a crucial role in ensuring transparency and accuracy during these discussions. As Mr. Trump has a history of making false or misleading claims, having independent moderators like CNN’s Jake Tapper and Dana Bash, as well as ABC’s debate moderators, will be critical in maintaining the integrity of these events.

During the debates, fact-checkers will have to swiftly address any untrue statements made by the candidates, helping viewers understand which claims are based on accurate information and which are not. In doing so, they’ll contribute to a more informed public discourse and help protect the credibility of those participating in the debates.

In conclusion, as Trump continues to take credit for achievements he did not contribute to and as Biden’s accomplishments are scrutinized under the microscope of fact-checking, it is essential that debate moderators prioritize accuracy and transparency. This will ensure that voters can make informed decisions based on reliable information provided during these crucial events.

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