The U.S. has become a nation of side hustlers and freelancers. With an uncertain economy, nearly 50% of Americans engage in side hustles for extra money, and as of this year, 73.3 million freelancers are working in the U.S.

The gig economy, which allows individuals and companies to hire independent workers for short-term projects, is one area of the economy that is still consistently growing.

With gig work on the rise, platforms that seek to connect gig workers and those looking for their services have sprung up. One such platform is the Steady App, which strives to put all gig and flexible work opportunities in one place. 

Read on to learn about the Steady App and how to increase your cash flow through Steady gig opportunities.

What is the Steady App?

More than ever, people are looking for flexible ways to make money outside their nine-to-fives, and Steady has sought to fill that demand with its free mobile app. 

Launched in 2018 as a fintech startup backed by NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal, the Steady App consolidates gigs and side hustle opportunities in one easy-to-use app. Users can filter their job search by type depending on availability and flexibility and begin browsing opportunities.

In addition to the free app, Steady members can join the optional Steady premium plan for just $1.99 monthly and access additional benefits. These benefits include income comparisons, access to the highest-paying job listings, financial data recording, and more. 

Even though the premium plan costs $1.99 a month, the additional features should help you easily earn more in the long run and thus is likely worth it for serious gig workers and side hustlers.

Ways to Earn Through the Steady App

There are three main ways users can earn money through the Steady App, with the primary mode being through completing jobs. 


Steady App users can filter their search according to five different job types:

  • Recently Added
  • Work from Home
  • Anytime
  • Part-Time
  • Full-Time

As the name suggests, the Recently Added category is for brand-new gigs and opportunities to the app. Also self-explanatory is the Work from Home category, which includes remote customer service, writing, tutoring, and other similar jobs.

The Anytime category is for those looking for flexible jobs you can work whenever you’re available. When searching this category, you’ll take a quick survey to help narrow down options with questions about your desired hours, location, licenses, certifications, etc.

There are also many full- and part-time options for those looking for steadier work opportunities. Examples include local opportunities in caregiving, hospitality, retail, and much more.  

Another neat feature of the app is that it will curate jobs it thinks you may be interested in based on the information you’ve fed the app. Simply click on “Jobs for You” to see your personalized recommendations.

Most hourly jobs listed are in the $15 to $25 per hour range. 


For those experiencing financial hardship, the Steady App offers grant opportunities that you can apply for directly in the app. Of course, filling out an application doesn’t guarantee a grant, but Steady reports on its site that it’s paid out $4 million in emergency cash grants to members thus far. 

Income Boosters

Finally, there is an Income Boosters section of the Steady App with recommendations for Steady partners offering sign-up bonuses and other cash incentives for trying products or signing up for services. These include bank accounts, loan products, and various services like DoorDash. 

How to Get Started with the Steady App

The Steady App is free for iOS and Android users, and it’s easy to get signed up and search for gigs.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll need to set up your free account using your name, email, and phone number. Then, choose a password, link your bank account, and you’re all set.

Next, you’ll need to complete your profile by answering several questions. These questions help to curate opportunities to your specifications. Questions include:

  • Type of work you want
  • Where you want to work
  • Your highest level of education
  • Your job experience
  • Your availability
  • Your modes of transportation

Once your profile is complete, you can search for thousands of opportunities within the abovementioned categories. In addition to searching within job categories, users can also filter by location, posted date, industry, and pay.

How to Apply for Gigs on the Steady App

Similar to getting started, applying for jobs on the Steady App is also straightforward. Simply hit apply and follow the link to apply or register with the third party offering the job. Once you’ve applied, communication will come from the third party advertising the job listing, not the Steady App. 

How Much Can You Make with the Steady App?

How much you earn with the Steady App will depend on which jobs you qualify for and how much you choose to work. However, the average Steady user makes around $5,500 a year in extra income. 

Just note that Steady charges a 10% commission on money made through the app. 

Who Should Use Steady?

The Steady App is ideal for anyone looking to earn extra money on the side. The app is an excellent option for students, freelancers, teachers, independent contractors, and similar individuals looking for flexible work. 

The app is also great for those looking for regular part or full-time income opportunities.

Steady App Reviews

A common question about apps like Steady is whether or not they are legit. Not only is Steady a legitimate platform, but the app also has very positive reviews.

Steady Pros and Cons

As with any product or platform, there are benefits and drawbacks.


  • It’s free to sign up and use the app
  • Quick and easy signup
  • Easy to filter and find job opportunities that work for you and your situation
  • Curated job opportunities all in one place
  • Access to multiple earning opportunities through jobs, income boosts, and grants
  • You can easily link your bank account for direct deposit of earnings
  • Easy to manage your income using the income tracker tool


  • You will need to continually apply for gigs 
  • You must pay $1.99 a month to access premium features
  • Pay isn’t always listed
  • Search filters tend to favor the same types of jobs
  • No budgeting features to help users manage expenses and overall budget

Other Options

Steady seeks to put all the best gigs and freelance opportunities in one place, along with opportunities for part and full-time jobs. However, Steady isn’t the only place freelancers and gig workers can find these types of jobs.

Here are a few other apps like Steady and a brief overview of each.


TaskRabbit is another platform that connects gig workers with opportunities. Called Taskers, the app connects users looking to earn money with individuals who need help completing various tasks. 

These tasks could be as simple as running errands or more complicated, like assembling furniture and home repairs. Other common tasks include driving, moving help, and painting.

Taskers set their rates and get paid when they complete the task. 


If you’re looking for remote, flexible job opportunities, then FlexJobs is a great place to look. In business since 2007, FlexJobs is a low-cost subscription service for those looking for high-quality remote work. The jobs advertised include part-time hours, freelance work, and remote or home opportunities. In addition, they verify and screen all job opportunities to ensure they are legitimate.

Aside from finding viable, high-quality jobs, members of FlexJobs also have access to Q&A sessions, webinars, job fairs, skills tests, mock interviews, and resource articles. In addition, subscribers can also access discounted career coaching and resume reviews to enhance their ability to land quality jobs. 

FlexJobs offers the choice of a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription, so there is an option that works for almost any job-seeking situation.

Fiverr and Upwork 

Fiverr and Upwork are both online marketplaces for freelancers looking for remote gigs. If you have writing, editing, and graphic design skills or can work as a virtual assistant, these sites are a great place to find freelance work. However, these sites operate differently because clients respond to your advertisements rather than you applying for job postings.

Sign up for free, create a profile, list your services, and set your price so potential clients can begin searching and hire you for their jobs. 


DoorDash is yet another option for gig workers looking for a flexible schedule. While DoorDash differs in that it doesn’t have as wide a range of job types, there is quite a bit of flexibility.

DoorDash connects food delivery jobs to those willing to deliver the (Dashers). Now available in 5,500 cities, Dashers can deliver their goods by car, on a bike or scooter, or even by walking if close enough. Signing up is simple, and once approved, Dashers can work when they want and can choose to accept or decline jobs that come through the app. 


Instacart is similar to DoorDash, except, in this case, you’re shopping for and possibly delivering groceries. 

There are two types of Instacart shoppers: full-service and in-store shoppers. Full-service shoppers compile the order in the store and deliver the groceries to the customer’s home. In-store shoppers select the items in the store but do not deliver them to the customer. Thus, anyone can be an in-store shopper.

If you love shopping and want a flexible schedule or a side gig, Instacart may be an excellent option.


Not into shopping or delivery services? There are still some great options for flexible side gigs, including Rover. Rover is a platform that connects pet sitters or walkers to those who need those services. You can sign up to walk dogs, pet sit for owners out of town, or both. So if you love animals and are looking for a side hustle you can fit into your schedule, Rover is a great option.

Steady App: Final Thoughts

The gig economy has been steadily growing, and the pandemic has only fueled the desire and demand for flexible work. 

With free membership and the most extensive collection of freelance and gig jobs, the Steady App is an excellent platform for anyone looking for flexible work. While you’ll see full-time job options on Steady, the platform is ideal for those looking for side hustles and flexibility. 

The average member earns an extra $5,500 annually, so sign up today, boost your earning potential, and start putting more money in your pocket.


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