We all have those little quirks, habits, and behaviors that everyone criticizes us for, but we still do them anyway! From double-checking that your door is locked a hundred times before you leave the house every morning to compulsively checking emails one too many times throughout the day, it's clear that some alleged “sins” are universally committed by people everywhere. Having a few bad habits isn't necessarily bad; in fact, they can be an interesting part of our personalities and define who we are as a person. 

So read below, explore these human flaws, and have fun discussing what each of us does that others might not be too keen on!

1. Judging Others

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One Redditor posted, “Judging people.”

Another responded, “It is fine if people keep it to themselves.”

“Judgement is automatic. The brain does it whether you want it to or not. Keeping it to oneself, however, is a choice,” another user added.

“I mean, if we're honest, you make judgments about other people all the time. You can't get through life without it. Keeping yer yap shut about those judgments is the way…” one user seconded. 

2. Gossiping About People

One user shared, “Talking bad about people.”

Another replied, “Yeah, I've recently had to look at myself with this. I have a coworker who is constantly shitting on other coworkers behind their backs. It's really annoying, but it made me think about all the times I've made a comment about my coworkers. I'm like, yeah, I'm not doing it all the time, but I really shouldn't do it at all. It's like, damn, talking [badly] about people really makes you look like [a jerk].”

A third user commented, “I've done the same, and though I don't talk bad, I do joke around a lot. That said, the joke contains more than a grain of truth, so it comes out the same. I've started making efforts to talk people up behind their backs. Especially since I've seen a lot of missing communication since Covid hit. I talk to a ton of people in my travels at work, so I try to spread the good things I see and hear both up and down the chain. Things tend to go unsaid but can mean a lot to the people who need to hear them. I hope it helps the right person at the right time as I go trying to work on personal change. Win/win, hopefully.”

3. Being Stingy with Money

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One user posted, “Being stingy with money. I love charity in concept, but having people walking up to me asking for small amounts of money annoys me so much more than it really should.”

“I'd rather a poor person ask me for money than companies that profit billions asking me for my fucking change everywhere I go. Kroger, McDonald's, gas stations….” another shared. 

Another Redditor shared, “Right? Our employees make $9 an hour. Our prices have tripled in the past year as the quality has dropped significantly. If three people in our company took a 50% pay cut, they'd still be in the top 1% of richest people in the world. We could give 25% of that to all our employees and stabilize millions of lives. We could give the other 25% to charity ourselves and change the world. Anyways, ignore all of that! How about we guilt trip you into trying to get the change you probably need just as much as the people we claim to give it to? We promise this isn't a publicity stunt to fool the ignorant into ignoring the previous statements above. I mean, come on, guys. How are we supposed to be able to buy a yacht for our smaller yacht to fit on if we took pay cuts? It would drastically affect our lives! You, people, are already poor anyways and are still surviving, so why don't you just give us some spare change. I mean, after all, there are much more of you poor than there are us. You can feel good if you all come together and help the community. I wouldn't want to have all the praise. I'd rather sit back in the shadows and hope you guys never notice how badly we're destroying modern civilization due to our greed.”

4. Getting Dumber

One user posted, “Bitch about how dumb everyone is getting and then do nothing to promote good learning habits at home. Parents bear some responsibility for their child's learning. Stop dumping it all on teachers and the government.” 

“‘Why are they teaching algebra when balancing a checkbook is much more useful?' Well, Ginger, nothing is stopping you from teaching your child to balance a checkbook,” another commenter replied. 

One user added, “This! If you want your kid to know something, teach it to them. You want your kids to have your moral values, teach it to them.”

5. Social Media Addiction

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One user shared, “Social media in general. Twitter is a hellhole but still the best way of following people whose work I enjoy. TikTok is a waste of time, but it gives me an endless supply of cute animal videos. Reddit is Reddit. I hate them all but keep going back for more.”

Another added, “Yep. I hate social media. It's such a time suck when I could be doing better things like reading or learning something, or going outside. Lol. But I still do it. Honestly, if I didn't have all my friends and family halfway across the country, I probably would nix it.”

6. Procrastinating

“Procrastination may be criticized by many, but let's face it, it's a habit that's tough to shake. The reasons behind it are complex and can range from fear of failure to lack motivation. Despite its negative effects, like increased stress and decreased productivity, it's still a common habit for many,” one Redditor shared.

Another replied, “I was gonna write a big response to this, but I'll do it tomorrow.”

“It's also easy for people to make excuses for their own procrastination while calling others lazy. When I procrastinate, it's because my anxiety is flaring up, I forgot, or I got too busy. When YOU procrastinate, it's just because you're lazy. Exceptionalism in a nutshell, it's a great cop-out for those of us who avoid personal accountability but demand it of others,” a third user added.

7. Hypocrisy

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One user shared, “Hypocrisy”.

Another added, “There's a fucking pandemic of hypocrisy on Reddit. Most ‘well-intentioned' and progressive people spew off the most hateful insults, from sexism to body shaming, if their target is a bad person. Like we get that there are horrible people and they should suffer criticism, but Reddit fixates on their height,… weight etc. etc. I just don't see how that makes the world a better place.”

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